Burning Phoenix (ToE)

Burning Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

Burning Phoenix (緋凰絶炎衝 Hiou Zetsuenshou?, "Scarlet Phoenix Sever Blaze Rush"[1] / "Scarlet Feng Suppressing Flame Pierce") is one of the classic mystic artes in the Tales series, appearing in multiple games and used by two different main characters.

Arte Description and History

Burning Phoenix involves the user shrouding themself in flames, dive-bombing into the ground from the air, followed by a rapid dash along the ground in the opposite direction, dealing several hits and inflicting Fire-elemental damage. The first part mirrors Rising Phoenix, from which it was originally extended.

In Tales of Eternia, this mystic arte can be executed by extending from the arte Rising Phoenix if it staggers an enemy. This is one of the signature moves available to Reid Hershel. He also uses it in the cameo coliseum battle in the North American version of Tales of the Abyss if his Rising Phoenix is executed successfully, regardless of staggering the party characters. This mystic arte is then integrated into the Nintendo 3DS release of the game. Cress Albane is also able to use this mystic arte in Tales of Eternia, and he is allowed to use it as a playable character in Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition.

In the remake for Tales of Destiny, it is one of Stahn Aileron's Blast Calibers, which activates when he triggers a Blast Caliber in the air with no matter what level his Blast Gauge is filled to, as long as there is at least one. In the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition ports of Tales of Vesperia, Flynn Scifo can use this arte while in Over Limit, requiring the player to rapidly tap Rising Phoenix's shortcut button. Tales of Graces ƒ allows Richard to use Burning Phoenix as Accel Finality, activated during MAX Accelerate Mode. Richard lands on the ground and covers himself with a fiery aura before dashing forward as the aura takes the form of a phoenix, slashing his enemies and leaving a crack made at his feet, from which searing air erupts.


Burning Phoenix (TotA)

Burning Phoenix as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Burning Phoenix (ToG)

Burning Phoenix as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut

Translated Quote: "Hiou Zetsuenshou! Burn down in these flames!"[2]

Tales of Graces ƒ

Japanese Quote: この技で沈め!緋凰絶炎衝![3]
Romanized Quote: Kono waza de shizume! Hiou Zetsuenshou!
Translated Quote: "Fall from this attack! Burning Phoenix!"
Localized Quote: "Fall before me! Burning Phoenix!"


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