Demonic Void (TotA)

Demonic Void as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Demonic Void (絶空魔神撃 Zekkuu Majingeki?, "Sever Sky Demon God Attack"[1]) is an arte that combines Demon Fang and Void Tempest into a single attack.

Arte Description and History

When this arte is executed, the user slashes forward to launch a projectile, then follows through with a strong horizontal slash. In Tales of the Abyss, the final slash deals many quick hits while leaving the enemy staggered for a slightly longer period compared to most attacks, while in Tales of Innocence, the final slash knocks down the enemy. These respective functions are extended to the users' respective appearances in other games.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the Abyss

Localized Description: "Arcane: A combination of Demon Fang and Void Tempest."


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