Flame Dance (ToE)

Flame Dance as it appears in Tales of Eternia.

Fire Dragon Rampage (火龍炎舞 Karyuuenbu?, "Fire Dragon Flame Dance"[1]), also localized as Flame Dance, is a Fire-elemental mystic arte first introduced into the Tales series by Farah Oersted in Tales of Eternia and extended into the Fighter class in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and its sequel.

Arte Description and History

In its debut in Tales of Eternia, this arte represents a Divine Skill that is activated following a combo chained after using Deadly Force. Once Deadly Force is activated successfully, an attack chain that consists of two normal attacks, any anti-air arte, and any air arte must be performed in that order, during the short period that time is frozen for all enemies. If this combo is performed during the allotted time, and the targeted enemy has not been killed, Flame Dance is activated automatically.

Once the attack begins, Farah flips into the air with a rising kick, with her feet covered in flames. The shape of a fiery dragon surrounds her feet as she slams back into the ground to crush her target before finishing with two more blazing back-flip kicks as the ground erupts in flames.

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Radiant Mythology 2, Fire Dragon Rampage is used by the Fighter class, and in the latter by Farah herself as well, where the requirements to use this mystic arte have been simplified. After reaching the required level or mastering all artes that are available to the class, the character only needs to activate Over Limit mode and then hold the "Attack" button while using any arcane arte.

In the first game, the appearance of the arte differs greatly from its incarnation in Tales of Eternia; it now consists of several fiery spin kicks, followed by a flaming palm blast that creates the shape of a dragon's head, similar to other animal-themed aura blasts such as Beast or Tiger Tempest. The Fighter's version of the attack was revised in Radiant Mythology 2 to be more faithful to the original version in Tales of Eternia. However, Farah's version consists of solely a falling kick with the shape of a flaming dragon. The reason for this change is unknown, for when Farah returned in Tales of VS., the arte returned to a version resembling her original attack from Tales of Eternia.

In Tales of Graces, this arte returns as a hidden Blast Caliber that Sophie can use. This attack is the only known hidden Blast Caliber in the game, activated after meeting specific conditions during battle rather than being obtained through the mastery of titles, like all other artes that can be obtained. Almost as a direct reference to Tales of Eternia, it is activated after using Tenketsubakutai and using at least four A-style artes of different levels while the screen is dark. If successful, Karyuuenbu will be used at the end of the chain, provided the screen is still dark.


Karyuuenbu (ToVS)

Karyuuenbu as it appears in Tales of VS.

Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Eternia

Japanese Quote: 燃えろー![2]
Romanized Quote: Moeroo!
Translated Quote: "Burn!"

Tales of Graces

Japanese Quote: 燃えろ! 焼き尽くす! 火龍炎舞!![3]
Romanized Quote: Moero! Yakitsukusu! Karyuuenbu!!
Localized Quote: "Burn! Burn! Ablaze!!"

Tales of VS.

Romanized Quote: Haaaah! Karyuuenbu! Moeroo!


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