Grand Healer (錬気治癒功 / 錬氣治癒功 Renki Chiyukou?, "Refined Spirit Healing Achievement" / "Refined Mind Healing Achievement") and Immaculate Healer (連気治癒功 Renki Chiyukou?, "Chain Spirit Healing Achievement") are advanced healing artes in the Tales series. Though the two artes have the same romanization, the first kanji is different.

Arte Description and History

Grand Healer is the upgraded form of Healer. It heals the targeted ally depending on where they are on the battlefield, with reduced potency based on how far the character is from the user. Because of this, the spell is most effective if it is used to heal the caster themself. The same mechanic is not applied to the "Technical" version of the spell, Chi Healer. This comparison is removed in the Radiant Mythology series, where Healer, Chi Healer, and Grand Healer all share the same effect of healing a set amount regardless of distance, but with differing costs and strengths. The Monk's version in Radiant Mythology 3 uses a slightly different "ki" (?) kanji from the "ki" (?) that Regal uses.

Jude Mathis's Immaculate Healer in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 removes the casting time associated with Grand Healer. It now heals Jude himself and any party member in a small area of effect around him. It is an extension requiring the "Second Artes" skill to perform, replacing the original Healer when used properly. It expands on the original effect with a larger range and more potent healing. When used, Jude calls it "Great Healer".


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