Judgment (ゴッドプレス Goddopuresu?, "God Press") is a powerful Sea-elemental spell currently exclusive to Grune and her counterpart, Schwartz, in Tales of Legendia.

Arte Description and History

Judgment is represented by the hand of a mighty deity, appearing from the heavens to crush enemies beneath its palm. This spell is the most powerful of the Sea element, which holds connotations of divinity within the world of Tales of Legendia.

Despite its name, Judgment bears no relation to the Angel Skill and Fonic Hymn also localized as Judgment. It is also different from God's Breath, and, while sharing some similarities in execution, represents a separate and unrelated spell. It is significant to note that the name of God's Breath in Japan, God Breath (ゴッドレス Goddoburesu?), bears some similarity to the Japanese name of Judgment, God Press (ゴッドレス Goddopuresu?), showing that the two names differ in one's kana dakuten marking, which alters the pronunciation of that syllable. While this difference can be seen as minor, it dissociates the two spells as having different names.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Legendia

Localized Description: "High: Call down judgment from the heavens."[1]

Localized Quote: "O small child, wilt thou forget thine own meager body and attain the heights of destruction for which thou hast so long yearned? Judgment!"


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