This article is about the Compound Special Attack localized as "Lightning Punishment". For the FOF Change localized by the same name, currently exclusive to Anise Tatlin, see Lightning Punishment (Anise).

Lightning Punishment (雷旋豪転斧 Raisen Goutenbu?, "Thunder Rotation Great Revolution Axe"[1]) is a Compound Special Attack used by one playable character who can use Lightning-based spells and Presea Combatir in Tales of Symphonia.

Arte Description and History

In order to activate this Compound Special Attack, the chosen spellcaster must use a Lightning-elemental spell while Presea uses the Punishment arte that is in the same level as the spell during a Unison Attack. When activated, Presea will spin around multiple times like she does during Punishment, as a whirlwind of lightning is created around her and the enemy.


Mothership Titles


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