Lightning Tiger (雷破斬 Raihazan?, "Lightning Break Slash"[1]) is an altered Lightning-elemental Swordsman arte in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

Similar to Tiger Blade, the user performs a two-hit combo of slashes, striking up and down with their sword. Before the second slash hits, a lightning bolt is summoned to deal additional elemental damage to the enemy. Contrary to what the localized name might imply, Lightning Tiger has no relation to Lightning Tiger Blade.

In Tales of Symphonia, Lightning Tiger is an altered version of Tiger Blade itself. Lloyd Irving first needs to have used Tiger Blade 200 times, and then he must be dealing Lightning-elemental damage through the use of the "Sardonyx" accessory, the Tethe Seal: Lightning arte, a Lightning-elemental weapon, or the "Purple Quartz" item. When these requirements are met, Lightning Tiger will be used automatically in place of Tiger Blade.


Mothership Titles


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