Banbutsu Shintsuigeki (ToVS)

Banbutsu Shintsuigeki as it appears in Tales of VS.

Lord of Creation (万物神追撃 Banbutsu Shintsuigeki?, "All Creation Divine Chase Attack") is a martial throw arte exclusive to Senel Coolidge from Tales of Legendia.

Arte Description and History

Lord of Creation allows the user to throw enemies of all types into the ground after they have been knocked down. All special enemy types that would otherwise require unique compound throws are open to being thrown by using this arte. Like all lesser throws, it changes its animation based on the enemy type and weight ranking, and it consumes only as much TP as the weakest possible throw that the enemy can be affected with. Because there are no types of monsters that can only be thrown by this arte, it is the only such throw that does not have a unique animation.

Because of the lack of mystic artes in Tales of Legendia, Senel gains this attack as his mystic arte in Tales of VS.. This version of the arte is expanded as a combination of the throws he has access to in Tales of VS., where Senel first punches his target to knock them to the ground. He then takes a hold on the target's feet to slam them into the ground once more as in Avalanche Drop. Senel follows this action by spinning his target like with Landslide to gather momentum to launch them into the air. He jumps afterward, gathering energy into his fist before punching them into the ground like with Ground Slam.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Legendia

Localized Description: "Base: Throw an enemy that is down, regardless of weight."[1]


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