Lost Fon Drive (TotA)

Lost Fon Drive as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Lost Fon Drive (ロスト・フォン・ドライブ Rosuto Fon Doraibu?, "Lost Fone Drive"[1]) is a mystic arte exclusive to Luke fon Fabre in Tales of the Abyss and Eleanor Hume in Tales of Berseria.

Arte History and Description

In Tales of the Abyss, Lost Fon Drive can only be used in a second playthrough or later. Luke must have the Key of Lorelei weapon equipped, and his HP must be less than 15%, indicated by a red HP marker. The arte is activated by pressing the "Attack", "Artes", and "Guard" buttons at the same time in Over Limit mode. Luke lifts the enemy into the air with streams of light before slashing repeatedly, followed by a blast of light that blows the enemy away.

In Tales of Berseria, this is a mystic arte usable by Eleanor. When executed, she swings her spear horizontally thrice at the enemy and lifts them up with an upward slash. Eleanor then rapidly thrusts her spear into the enemy. Finally, drawing her spear back, she makes one last thrust, releasing a blast of light to blow the enemy away. Eleanor's version is localized as Lostfon Drive (ロストフォン・ドライブ Rosutofon Doraibu?) to reflect the fact that the Japanese name of her version does not have the first interpunct.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles


Mothership Titles

In-Game Description and Quotes

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Quote: これで決めてやる!響け!集え!全てを滅する刃と化せ!ロスト・フォン・ドライブ!
Romanized Quote: Yatte yaruze! Kore de kimete yaru! Hibike! Tsudoe! Subete o messurru yaiba to kase! Rosuto Fon Doraibu!
Translated Quote: "I'll succeed! I'll decide it with this! Resound, gather, transform into a blade that destroys all! Lost Fone Drive!"[2]
Localized Quote: "You're finished! Arise, resound, and become the blade of destruction! Lost Fon Drive!"[3]

Tales of Berseria

Japanese Quote: 響け!集え!全てを滅する刃と化せ!ロストフォン・ドライブ!
Romanized Quote: Hibike! Tsudoe! Subete o messurru yaiba to kase! Rosutofon Doraibu!
Translated Quote: "Resound, gather, transform into a blade that destroys all! Lostfone Drive!"
Localized Quote: "Here it comes! Resound, arise! Become the blade of destruction! Lostfon... Drive!"


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