Ring Cyclone (ToS)

Ring Cyclone as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Ring Cyclone (レンジウィングル Renjiuinguru?, "Range Wingle") is an upgraded version of the Ring Whirlwind arte.

Arte Description and History

The user spins around with rings in each hand, damaging all enemies around them. It is similar to its lesser version, Ring Whirlwind, though its strength and range are both higher. In Tales of Symphonia, Colette Brunel learns this arte on the "Technical" branch of artes, with Whirlwind Rush as its "Strike" counterpart. It is also the arte that Abyssion takes from her moveset. In Tales of the Rays, it is the master arte derived from Ring Whirlwind.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Symphonia

Localized Description: "Lv. 3 Sp. Attack: multiple spinning attack using chakrams in each hand."[1]


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