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The Rush Gauge (RG) is a battle feature exclusive to Tales of Rebirth that provides a number of different effects based on how much it is filled. It replaces the Over Limit function, though it is not related to Fusionic Force Finality, the game's version of mystic artes.


The Rush Gauge is directly related to the character's arte usage, defense, and HP recovery. Manipulating the RG can be done only during battle, though other factors may contribute to its behavior. For example, in hotter climates such as deserts and wastelands, the RG tends to be much higher than in cooler climates, such as mountains or inside caverns. In battle, the RG appears to the left of the Force Cube and is only visible on a player-controlled character. It can be filled indirectly through combat or directly by pressing "Guard" (PlayStation Square Button) and holding down. Certain factors reset the Rush Gauge to a predetermined level, such as status ailments and the "Burst Bottle" item, which fills the RG entirely.

At certain levels, the Rush Gauge will provide varying effects. Halfway filled, effects involving the character are normal. A lower level will result in beneficial tactics such as dealing and receiving less damage, an increase in HP recovery, and a reduced casting time for spells. A higher level will result in riskier effects that must be monitored more carefully, such as dealing and receiving more damage, no HP recovery, and a prolonged casting time for spells. The pros and cons for the RG's level must be considered for the battle situation at hand, and both contrasts of the overall binary tend to balance each other out. For example, while more damage is received when the RG is at a higher level, the character is able to block successive attacks, which cannot be done when the RG is at a lower level.


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