Savage Fury (斬魔飛燕脚 Zanma Hienkyaku?, "Kill Demon Flying Swallow Kick"[1]) is a Compound Special Attack used in Tales of Symphonia, compounded from the Power Seal and Swallow Kick artes.

Arte Description and History

In order to use this arte, both Sheena Fujibayashi and Regal Bryant must be in the battle party, and Sheena must use any Power Seal arte while Regal uses the Swallow Kick arte that is from the same arte branch during a Unison Attack. When the Compound Special Attack is formed, Sheena will make the enemy float in the air with the help of dark energy, and Regal will jump to the enemy and kick three times, making a slicing sound with each strike. This arte is similar in effect to Savage Mirage.


Mothership Titles


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