Mueishou (ToR)

Mueishou as it appears in Tales of Rebirth.

Shadow Shock (無影衝 Mueishou?, "Shadow-less Rush"[1]) and Mirage Blitz (無影掌 Mueishou?, "Shadow-less Palm") are strike artes in the Tales series that are commonly associated with the Paladin class from the Radiant Mythology series of games.

Arte Description and History

When this arte is activated, the user jumps backward, then dashes forward with a single, horizontal slash that hits enemies multiple times. Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia uses a version that involves him attacking with his fist, which is localized as "Mirage Blitz" and written with the character for "palm" ( shou?), as opposed to everyone else's "rush" ( shou?). If he uses it in the air, he gains the dodging effect of the arte for aerial maneuvering, but it deals no damage. In Tales of Rebirth, Mueishou can be transformed into the Aqua-elemental arte Muhyoushou if the "Hyouma no Tamashii" (氷魔の魂?) talisman is equipped and the assigned Force Gauge is completely full.



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