Shouou Zetsurenshou (翔王絶憐衝?, "Soar King Sever Pity Rush"[1]) is a mystic arte used by Kyle Dunamis in Tales of Destiny 2.

Arte Decription and History

Shouou Zetsurenshou is activated by extending from Ganzan Messaijin. Once activated, Kyle performs two wide slashes, then charges past the enemy with a thrust. He then dashes back with a reverse thrust before jumping into the air with a slash, creating a small vacuum that pulls the enemy into the air with him. Finally, Kyle slashes downward into the ground with a diagonal path, striking everything in his way.

Similar to the connection between Souryuu Metsugazan and Ryuuko Metsugazan, Shouou Zetsurenshou is another direct reference to Tales of Eternia. This attack is similar in name and movement to Hiou Zetsuenshou, another of Reid Hershel's Divine Skills. This connection is later reversed with the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, where Stahn Aileron obtains Hiou Zetsuenshou as a conditionally activated first-level Blast Caliber to reference Kyle's Shouou Zetsurenshou, while maintaining his Fire-elemental motif.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny 2

Japanese Quote: 飛翔せよっ疾空の刃!奥義!翔王、絶憐衝!!
Romanized Quote: Hishou seyo shikkuu no yaiba! Ougi! Shouou, Zetsurenshou!!
Translated Quote: "I'll send you flying with this heavenly blade! This is my secret technique! Shouou, Zetsurenshou!!"[2]


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