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The Abbey (ToB).png
Game Tales of Berseria
Leader Artorius Collbrande
Notable Members Oscar Dragonia
Teresa Linares
Shigure Rangetsu
Melchior Mayvin

The Abbey (聖寮 Seiryou?, "Holy Villa"), official name Exorcist's Abbey of the Church of Midgand (ミッドガンド国教会・対魔聖寮 Middogando Kokkyoukai Taimaseiryou?), is an organization in Tales of Berseria. After the ritual from three years prior to the beginning of the story, known as the Advent, Artorius Collbrande founded the Abbey as a means of fighting daemons with the help of malakhim. During these three years, the Abbey gained much popularity and support. While officially it states the daemonblight is the reason that humans and animals alike turn into daemons, it is a facade to hide the truth behind the origins of daemons: the "impurity", or darkness, within human hearts. Those who fight on behalf of the Abbey are known as exorcists, religious soldiers who quell daemons.


The Abbey's ranking system adheres to a detailed ladder meant to exemplify one's status in the organization. Artorius himself sits at the top of the ranking system as leader and legate, followed by the only other two individuals to achieve the legate rank, Shigure Rangetsu and Melchior. These legate positions are distinguished by Roman numerals, as detailed in a book in the Loegres villa library: Shigure (V), Melchior (II), Artorius (III). Below the legate rank is praetor, of which there exist around 100, though they vary in sub-ranking. Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares sit at the top of this praetor ranking, known as consuls, while Eleanor Hume is a full rank below consul, known as primus. Consuls are adept in combat and leadership, and therefore are given more authority, such as Oscar's assignments and Teresa's governing of Hellawes. At the bottom of the ranking system are orderlies, of which there are around 3,000 in total.


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  • Oscar Dragonia (オスカー・ドラゴニア Osukaa Doragonia?) – A praetor-rank exorcist from the Abbey who belongs to the Dragonia family, a major aristocracy from the Empire.
  • Teresa Linares (テレサ・リナレス Teresa Rinaresu?) – Also a praetor-rank exorcist from the Abbey, as well as Oscar's half-sister.
  • Shigure Rangetsu (シグレ・ランゲツ Shigure Rangetsu?) - A legate-rank exorcist of the Abbey and Rokurou Rangetsu's older brother, as well as the head of their family.
  • Melchior Mayvin (メルキオル・メーヴィン Merukioru Meevin?) - Another legate-rank exorcist of the Abbey, who is well-versed in the ancient legends and a master in alchemy.
  • Artorius Collbrande (アルトリウス・コールブランド Arutoriusu Kouruburando?) – The head exorcist of the Abbey, deemed by the people to be a savior.


  • An abbey is a monastery or society of people, secluded from the world and devoted to religion and celibacy.