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Aberria (TotA).png
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Malkuth Empire
Region Southern Hemisphere
Ruler •King Ingobert VI
•Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX

Aberria is a continent of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss. It is the world's second largest continent and geographically sits in the southern hemisphere. Aberria's large western portion is Kimlasca territory, while its eastern desert is autonomous, and the Ispanian Peninsula belongs to Malkuth.


Aberria is a large continent with extremely diverse regions. Its large western portion, Kimlasca's territory, is characterized by valleys, some forests, and wetlands. Its equally large eastern desert, an autonomous region, is surrounded by mountain ranges, while the Ispanian Peninsula just north of the desert, Malkuth's territory, is a temperate area yielding some forests and Rotelro Bridge, connecting the peninsula to the neighboring continent of Rugnica.


  • Baticul - Built using fonic technology, Baticul is the largest city in the world. Rule by King Ingobert the Sixth.
  • Belkend - Research related to fonons and fonic devices is done here. Van's replica research is also carried out in secret.
  • Port Belkend - Founded mainly to accept shipments of supplies for Belken. The small amount of ferries stopping here is due to the lack of visitors.
  • Chesedonia - The only city located on a national border. Enjoys autonomy due to the backing of the Order of Lorelei. Boasts an active market.

Abandoned Factory

The vacant Abandoned Factory.

The Abandoned Factory is an area that can only be accessed through the entrance-level tier's cable cars in Baticul. The factory formerly produced weapons; however, as its name implies, the factory is currently abandoned and overrun by monsters. The group is forced to take this route in order to bypass the God-Generals guarding the entrance to the city and reach Akzeriuth.

Upon entering the factory, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear appears, dressed in appropriate traveling attire. When she states her intentions of accompanying the group, Luke fon Fabre and the others stress how the journey is not for a princess. She proceeds to blackmail Luke by claiming she knows about his and Van Grants's conversation back in the castle's prison. Luke makes her "pinky swear" not to tell the others; she agrees, and Luke nervously tells the group that Natalia will be joining them. Near the end of the factory, the group catches a strange smell, which Jade Curtiss believes to be a monster. Tear Grants then pushes Natalia out of the way as a large, spider-like monster drops from the ceiling and attacks the group.

After the battle, Jade suspects that the oil from the factory mutated the monster due to unusual fonon activity. Natalia then thanks Tear for saving her life and apologizes for causing trouble. Suddenly, Guy Cecil notices an emergency exit, which they take. Upon exiting, the party spots the God-Generals Asch and Sync near the Tartarus with Fon Master Ion. Luke charges at Asch, shocked to discover he has the same face as him when they meet. The others are surprised as well, while Jade seems suspicious. Sync then reminds Asch that Ion comes first, and Asch decides to leave. The group then proceeds to the Desert Oasis.

Inista Marsh

The world's largest wetlands, located on the Aberrian continent. Use raflessia pollen to keep man-eating monsters away.

Inista Marsh (イニスタ湿原?) is a large wetland area located in the center of Kimlasca's territory. It is particularly dangerous due to the large monsters that roam the area, as well as the terrain, which vastly reduces mobility. Raflessia flowers grow in the marsh, and their pollen can be used to ward off the beasts in the area. The group is forced to venture through the marsh after fleeing Baticul following Luke and Natalia's charges of treason against the country. Near the end of the wetland, they encounter one of the feared behemoths and are forced into battle with it, eventually managing to deter it using raflessia pollen.

Tataroo Valley

The serene Tataroo Valley.

A valley almost completely untouched by man. Home to the very rare selenia flower, which only blooms at night.

Tataroo Valley (タタル渓谷?) is located on the Ispanian Peninsula, north of Chesedonia in Malkuth's territory. The valley is a large, serene area with elevated trails and clean air, seemingly untouched by humanity. It contains Selenia flowers, plants that only bloom in clusters around fon slots, indicating a Sephiroth Tree nearby.

Luke and Tear first enter the valley at night after an unintentional hyperresonance occurred between the two in Baticul. When Luke regains consciousness, Tear apologizes for involving him in her and Van's conflict. They agree that she will escort him back to the mansion and proceed through the valley. At the valley's entrance, they meet a coach driver who agrees to take them to the capital in exchange for Tear's pendant. On the way, they spot a Malkuth landship, the Tartarus, chasing a group of thieves known as the Dark Wings. The thieves manage to cross Rotelro Bridge and destroy it, severing the chase. Luke and Tear then realize they are in Malkuth territory, heading to the capital, Grand Chokmah, as opposed to Kimlasca's capital, Baticul. Being that the bridge is now out, the two travel to the nearby Engeve instead.

Later in the story, the group visits the valley a second time in hopes of finding the passage ring and measuring the core's vibration frequency. As the group traverses the valley, Anise Tatlin spots a rare butterfly and attempts to capture it, hoping to make some Gald. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, and Anise nearly falls off a cliff, but Guy unexpectedly rescues her. Afterward, the group encounters a "Uniceros", a legendary creature that dwells in areas with clean air. Mieu speaks with the monster, but it attacks in an agitated state.

After the fight, it communicates to Mieu that it reacted to the miasma in Tear's body. Confused, the group allows the monster to flee. After breaking the Daathic and Yulian Seals, the group measures the core's vibration and begins making preparations for the lowering of the Outer Lands. Jade then states that the plan is to link all the remaining passage rings together and lower the Outer Lands all at once. When finished discussing the details, the group exits the valley and returns to Sheridan to report the results to the researchers there.

Desert Oasis

The sandy, isolated Desert Oasis.

An oasis in the center of the Zao Desert. Located in Kimlasca but governed by Chesedonia. Offers sanctuary for weary travelers.

The Desert Oasis (砂漠のオアシス?) is located in the center of Aberria's desert region. To the east lie the Zao Ruins, while Chesedonia sits north. As its name suggests, the Desert Oasis is an oasis located in the midst of the barren desert and serves as a resting place for weary travelers. Within the oasis is a strikingly large crystal, and on its banks are desert shrubs and palm trees. Only a single building and tent can be found here. The group ventures to the Desert Oasis in search of information since Fon Master Ion was previously kidnapped by the God-Generals and taken the nearby Zao Ruins.

Zao Ruins

The entrance to the ancient Zao Ruins.

Appears to be nothing more than ruins, but actually holds an underground city which served as a place of refuge from war in the Dawn Age.

The Zao Ruins (ザオ遺跡?) are ruins located in Aberria's desert region, to the east of the Desert Oasis. They are remnants of a once-prosperous city from the Dawn Age, yielding a passage ring that operates the region's Sephiroth Tree. The group ventures here after Asch contacts Luke telepathically at the Desert Oasis and tells him that Fon Master Ion is being held within the ruins by the God-Generals. In the deepest part of the ruins, the group encounters Asch, Ion, Largo, and Sync. The group faces off against Largo and Sync before retreating due to the collapsing area. The group later revisits the ruins to operate the passage ring.