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Absorption Gate
Absorption Gate (TotA).jpg
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Region Northern Hemisphere
The point where memory particles from the Planet Storm return to the core. The mix of snow and particles gives it an unearthly appearance.

The Absorption Gate (アブソーブゲート?, "Absorb Gate") is one of the two primary gates controlling the Planet Storm on Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss.


The Absorption Gate is located on a solitary island in Auldrant's north pole that conforms the Tuft Archpelago, which also serves as the return point for the flow of memory particles of the Seventh Fonon generated due to the Planet Storm. The gate consists of a jagged dome of ice and a long shaft running as far down as the core. At the bottom of the gate is the passage ring for the second Sephiroth Tree and fonic glyph that keeps the gate operational.



Prior to the events of the story, the Absorption Gate was built during the Dawn Age to maintain the newly implemented Planet Storm and control the Seventh Fonon for fonic technology and artes. During B.D. 2682, with every country's approval, the Planet Storm was put into motion. With help from Keter, Hod goes to operate the Absorption Gate. In B.D. 2707, Yulia Jue manages to revive Hod during the Fonic War with her Fonic Hymns and draws a glyph at the Absorption Gate to rebuild the Planet Storm. She throws the Key of Lorelei into Auldrant's core once she's finished.

Role in the Plot

The protagonists of the story first journey to the gate to control the Sephiroth Tree there for the safe descent of the Outer Lands. However, Van Grants secretly occupied the gate and caused the Sephiroth to become unstable. The party confronts Van and defeats him, leaving him supposedly dead. As Luke fon Fabre controls the passage ring, Jade Curtiss states there is not enough time to reach the Radiation Gate. Asch, however, was already at the Radiation Gate, and the two manage to control both passage rings, allowing the Outer Lands to descend safely. While this is happening, Luke hears Lorelei's voice, telling him and Asch that it is sending them the Key of Lorelei and they must use it to set it free. Lorelei also states that the "one who would seize glory", referring to Van, is trying to capture it.

Later in the story, the party visits the Absorption Gate again in order to shut down the Planet Storm and deactivate Eldrant's barrier. Toward the bottom, in the room where they had earlier fought Van, they encounter the God-Generals Largo, Legretta, and Sync, as well as Asch, who is fighting the God Generals, Grand Maestro Mohs, and a replica of Ion. While this is happening, everyone in the area witnesses Van return from the planet's core. After giving Mohs the final fonstone, Van explains to Luke and the others that he has absorbed Lorelei into his body. He then asks Asch and Luke, who he finally acknowledges as a human, to join him; however, they refuse.

After Van, Legretta, Sync, Mohs, and the Ion replica return to the surface, Luke and the others fight Largo while Asch chases Van. After successfully defeating Largo, who is fatally shot by one of Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's arrows, Luke asks Largo why the God-Generals are cooperating with Van if they both want the same thing: a world free from the Score's influence. Largo tells him that, despite their goal being the same, their beliefs on how to do so are different. Van believes the world should be destroyed and replaced by one with replicas, while Luke believes people can begin anew, and that there is no need for a replica world. Before dying, Largo bids farewell to his daughter, calling her by her true name, and Natalia acknowledges him as her father.

Afterward, the party travels deeper into the gate and deactivates the fonic glyph using the Jewel of Lorelei. In doing so, Luke witnesses the planet's memories, which reveals when Van absorbed Lorelei into his body and revived Sync. The group then journeys back to the entrance to find Asch, Van, and the others with Mohs, who is having the Ion replica read the final fonstone. When Luke approaches Mohs, Mohs begins losing control of his body and flies away. When Legretta asks Van what happened, Van states that Lorelei had become restless. Grabbing Luke's arm, Van realizes it was because Luke had the Jewel of Lorelei. However, due to this close encounter, Lorelei begins to break free from Van's body. Consequently, Van is able to suppress Lorelei. Legretta tells him they should retreat to Eldrant for the time being. Before he, Legretta, and Sync leave, Van tells Luke and Asch he will be waiting for them at Eldrant and tells Tear the next time they meet, he will not hold back, even against her. After Asch leaves, the group decides to take the Ion replica to Daath, where Anise Tatlin names him "Florian".