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Abyssion Cut-in (ToS-PS2).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Race Human
Weapon Devil's Arms

Abyssion (アビシオン Abishion?) is an optional boss and a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia related to the Devil's Arms sidequest.


The party meets Abyssion at Flanoir after unknowingly obtaining one of the Devil's Arms. Abyssion tells them the story about a man named Nebilim who sought to conquer Tethe'alla and the curse he left behind. As the last of a family of demon hunters cursed by Nebilim, he seeks to save his life by sealing the Devil's Arms away but is too weak to do so. The party volunteers to help, so he gives the party the Nebilim weapon and "Nebilim's Key" which allows them to open the chests that contain Devil's Arms. Abyssion promises to seal the Devil's Arms at the bottom level of the Temple of Darkness once gathered.

Presea Combatir shows discomfort when the Devil's Arms are gathered, but Abyssion dismisses it until after obtaining the Disaster, when Abyssion tells them of a legend that the Arms will sometimes choose a wielder and transform them into a magic swordsman under their control, though Abyssion says that they will be fine as long as they do not hear the Arms' voices. Once all of the Devil's Arms are gathered, however, Abyssion uses them alongside the Necronomicon to revive the power of the Dark Lord Nebilim in his own body. Wielding the Devil's Arms themselves in battle, Abyssion is a formidable foe, but the party kills him, and Genis Sage uses Fireball to destroy the Necronomicon to prevent future incidents.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia (PS3).

Wielding all of the Devil's Arms, Abyssion is a master of combat. By using the various arms collected, Abyssion has access to artes from all but Sheena Fujibayashi and Raine Sage. He is a devastating close-ranged combatant, but he also has access to long-ranged artes and even spells. He uses the Diablos to perform Mass Devastation, the Nebilim to perform Raging Beast and Double Demon Fang, the Soul Eater to perform Victory Light Spear and Super Lightning Blade, and the Evil Eye to perform Ring Cyclone. He copies a wide swath of Genis Sage's attack spells as well, using Spread, Flame Lance, Gravity Well, Ground Dasher, Explosion, Indignation, Thunder Arrow, Meteor Storm, and Prism Sword. On harder difficulties, he even uses Genis's mystic arte Indignation Judgment.

In the PlayStation 2 port of the game, Abyssion gets even harder. He is now immune to the "All-Divide" item, and on harder difficulties he will open the battle with Divine Judgment, perform Falcon's Crest and Shining Bind with Soul Eater in hand, and use Time Stop to seal all motion. Abyssion's method of using player artes is repeated with Gelda Nebilim and Duke Pantarei, whose Catalyst Weapons and Fell Arms are similar to the Devil's Arms. In the PlayStation 3 port of the game, after Abyssion's HP drops to half, he becomes immune to all Unison Attacks.