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Ad Libitum (アドリビトム Adoribitomu?) is a recurring guild in the Radiant Mythology series of games, its members comprised of the game's protagonists and various characters in the Tales series. Though initially a simple guild at the beginning of the games, as more members join and the guild becomes aware of the forces that threaten the world, it grows into the first line of defense against these very evils.


Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

The Protagonist and Mormo join after helping Pasca Kanonno, another member, at the Foot of the World Tree. Members first begin as apprentices and must complete required quests in order to become full members. The Ailily chapter focuses on freeing the town from Ganser's dictatorship and helping the people who are abused under its rule, providing food for its inhabitants and shelter for the exiled. The Gavada chapter is in decline due to the work of Aurora and the rise of magitechnology. With Aurora's defeat and magitechnology's banning, it then focuses on readjusting Gavada's citizens to a life of hard labor, doing so without any lingering resentment over how easily they were originally overlooked. All chapters eventually focus on the Devourer, creating quests to investigate and eventually combat the threat.


The leader of the guild here is Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia, and his assistant is Raine Sage from the same game.

Character Game
Chester Burklight Tales of Phantasia
Arche Klein Tales of Phantasia
Reid Hershel Tales of Eternia
Lloyd Irving Tales of Symphonia
Genis Sage Tales of Symphonia
Raine Sage Tales of Symphonia
Kratos Aurion Tales of Symphonia


The leader of the guild here is Garr Kelvin from Tales of Destiny, and his assistant is Philia Felice from the same game.

Character Game
Stahn Aileron Tales of Destiny
Rutee Katrea Tales of Destiny
Leon Magnus Tales of Destiny
Philia Felice Tales of Destiny
Garr Kelvin Tales of Destiny
Nanaly Fletcher Tales of Destiny 2


The leader of the guild here is Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth, and his assistant is Annie Barrs from the same game.

Character Game
Harold Berselius Tales of Destiny 2
Eugene Gallardo Tales of Rebirth
Annie Barrs Tales of Rebirth
Senel Coolidge Tales of Legendia
Luke fon Fabre Tales of the Abyss
Tear Grants Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

Ad Libitum is a freelance guild, led by Chat from Tales of Eternia and Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. Their home base is in the Van Eltia, which the guild uses to both house and transport its members. The Protagonist is discovered by Kanonno Earhart while she is on a mission, and thus, they join the guild shortly afterward. Van Eltia has enough lodgings to house over 80 people, a shop, and even a blacksmith's forge for the members to take care of their weapons, which is similar to the original incarnation in Eternia. As the guild discovers new locations, Chat upgrades the Van Eltia to allow it to fly through or navigate the dangerous terrain they face.


  • Ad Libitum is Latin for "freely" or "at pleasure".