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The Adephagos as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

The Adephagos (星喰み Hoshihami?, "Star Devourer"), also dubbed the "Cataclysm", is an antagonistic, non-sentient being that appears during the third segment of Tales of Vesperia. Acting as the omnipresent threat for the final portion of the game, it is directly related to the abuse of aer through excessive blastia usage.


According to the carvings in Myorzo, overuse of harmful blastia and the artes used by Children of the Full Moon during the time of the Geraios Civilization caused an overproduction of aer from the aer krene. At some point, as evidenced by a later occurrence with the Entelexeia Gusios, Entelexeia attempted to absorb the excess aer, and one or more became corrupted by it or them. The resultant being was the Adephagos, a non-sentient monster that devoured aer to the point of converting living things into aer and absorbing them. This was interpreted in the carvings as a large body of excess aer becoming corrupted.

The Krityans, humans, and Entelexeia allied to stop the Adephagos. Constructing a powerful installation called Zaude, they fed the sacrificed lives and power of Children of the Full Moon into it and created a barrier around the planet, sealing out the Adephagos. The effort and losses from the battle against the Adephagos triggered the downfall of the Geraios Civilization. The few remaining Children of the Full Moon, together with the Entelexeia, formed the building blocks for the Empire of modern times.

During the events of the story, Alexei Dinoia accidentally releases the Adephagos. Although the damage to Zaude is patched, it eventually fails completely, and monsters spawned by the Adephagos begin attacking cities. Brave Vesperia, the guild led by Yuri Lowell, soon discovers that converting apatheia into spirits will allow him and his companions to attack the Adephagos directly, as the energy of the spirits appears to harm it. After preventing Duke Pantarei from enacting his own destructive plan to stop it, the group attempts to destroy the Adephagos. They are initially helpless, as even the converted blastia from across the world proves insufficient, but Duke is moved by their resolve and lends the power of Dein Nomos to destroy the Adephagos. After it is destroyed, the Entelexeia it had absorbed during its initial attack are also converted into spirits to heal the land.


  • The word adephagos is of Greek origin, meaning "gluttonous", which correlates with the Adephagos's ravage consumption of aer in the game.