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Aegis Alver
Aegis Alver (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Wigaseya
Age 18
Height 5'8" / 172 cm
Race Human
Occupation Knight Commander of Medagal (formerly)
Weapon •Spear
Blood Sin (Wavering Heart)
Japanese Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Character Designer Miyuki Kobayashi

Aegis Alver (イージス・アルヴァ Iijisu Aruva?) is a character from Tales of Crestoria. He is a man dedicated to his work, valuing the system of vision orbs above all else.


During his childhood, Aegis's parents were poor merchants, running a liquor store in a backwards town. To compensate for the other essentials, instead of buying new clothes, the Alvers sewed together old rags. Obstinate, Aegis told his parents he wanted to be a knight, and they enrolled him in the academy. During his time as a knight, he thought his duty to comfort Queen Rebecca, who eventually fell in love with the commander.

Aegis is dispatched along with Leon Magnus to Dalchia after Kanata Hjuger escapes from the clutches of enforcers to capture the transgressor. He and Leon pursue and face off against him and his allies multiple times, eventually capturing Kanata and Misella and delivering them to King Gadel in Medagal.

After Kanata and Misella escape from their audience with the king, Aegis responds to a hint from Rebecca to check the secret system of tunnels leading out of the city. There, he encounters Kanata and Misella escorting her out of Medagal. Upon hearing that Rebecca trusts them, he reluctantly sets aside their enmity and helps them protect the queen. Along the way, Rebecca confronts Aegis about not addressing his feelings for her, confessing her love for him. However, Gadel arrives on the scene in time to overhear this and orders one of his soldiers to kill Rebecca. Her last words are a plea to Aegis to tell her that he loves her, even if it is a lie, but he does not say it. Gadel then uses his vision orb to frame Aegis for seducing her, claiming that he killed her after she refused to run away with him, and Aegis receives the Stain of Guilt.

Shortly afterward, Leon arrives to cover the transgressors' retreat, advising Aegis to continue following his principles despite how they resulted in his being condemned. Kanata and Misella then take Aegis with them to rendezvous with Vicious. Initially, he refuses to acknowledge that he is now one of the transgressors he despises, but accompanies the others by boat to the Nation of Sin. There, their fellow transgressors offer them supplies as repayment for helping them rid the fields of some monsters.

Over a feast, the leader of the Nation, Naph, tells Aegis that the residents have never forgotten their sins, that they desire a chance for redemption. This, along with their generosity, causes Aegis to start reevaluating his perception of transgressors. However, just as everyone was about to fall asleep, the barrier protecting the Nation suddenly shatters. Many enforcers shortly afterward to destroy the settlement, killing everyone. After witnessing this injustice, Aegis regains his confidence in his own ability to distinguish between right and wrong. He declares that he will follow the dictates of his own heart. Vicious asks Aegis if he wants to own his sin or let it own him, and tells him to carve the answer out of his own fouled soul before impaling him with a spear of dark magic. Aegis feels agony throughout his body until he grabs the spear. As the spear vanishes, his Stain of Guilt transforms and gives him the power to draw his Blood Sin.

After fighting several enforcers, Aegis and his newfound allies confront Naph's killer, a savage little girl named Makina, who was responsible for destroying the barrier. They fight her and manage to drive her away, but it is too late. Everyone from the Nation of Sin had been killed. That is, except for a small animal that Misella names Meakyu. Upset over the carnage that occurred, Kanata decides that he does not want to hide anymore, he wants to destroy the vision orb system of justice and change the world. Leaving the Nation with Meakyu following them, the group decides to head to Toshimina to learn more of the vision orbs' creator, a god named Kasque.

Appearance and Personality

Aegis has short, wavy silver hair and amber eyes. He wears an elegant sea-green coat, black pants and boots, and white gloves. His Stain of Guilt can be seen of the left side of his chest.

Aegis is a strict young man who puts full faith in the judgment of vision orbs. His dedication to righteousness makes him incredibly stubborn, as he refuses to hear any transgressors' reasons for committing crimes. Similarly to Kanata, he only recognizes that justice is actually nuanced after he himself is branded a transgressor. Even after acquiring his Blood Sin, Aegis's obstinance can get him into trouble. After he becomes a transgressor, Aegis finds it difficult to cope with the daily poverty the rest of the party have been used to. In one of his Character Episodes, Aegis stays behind, while everyone else in the group jumps into a lake to cool off, claiming that he does not need it, and ends up suffering from heat stroke. He especially shows a hypocritical side whenever it comes to the Silver Mechaknight Avalanche (白銀の機動騎士アヴァランチ?) franchise, where his sense of justice apparently originates. Unable to handle the rest of the party’s "vulgarity", Aegis even goes so far as to force them to read a bunch of books in order to culture them more by hiding their essentials.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Aegis fights using a spear, his artes focusing on aerial combat, throwing the opponent into the air. Once he resolves to live, he draws the power of his Blood Sin in the form of a glaive called Wavering Heart (不貫の邪恋フラジャイルハート Funuki no Jaren / "Furajairuhaato"?, "Unsuccessful Illicit Love / Fragile Heart")[1]. With it, his arteset changes by name.


  • Aegis is named after a shield from Greek mythology, and can also mean "protection", an apt name for a man who stands as a "shield" between transgressors and innocent people.
  • Aegis's birthday is November 23.
  • While he is left-handed, in his official art Aegis wields his weapon in the right hand.
  • Yuna Azetta's nickname for Aegis is "Aegrouch" (イーツン?).