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Keiv Moc (ToV) 2

The rampant aer krene at Keiv Moc in Tales of Vesperia.

Aer Krene (エアルクレーネ Earukureene?) are the springs of aer located across Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia. They are the sources from which all aer derives, vital to the survival of the planet, and maintained by the Entelexeia.


There are ten known locations of aer krene:


Inactive aer krene are large, yellow crystals protruding from the ground. Active aer krene possess a glowing mist of dense aer illuminating from the ground around them. An out of control aer krene releases an excessive amount of aer that negatively affects both plant and animal life in surrounding areas. While this phenomena is completely natural, it can also be caused by overuse of blastia, an ancient technology. A dried aer krene is the result of instability. In the process of drying, an aer krene causes large-scale destruction. The Sands of Kogorh was created due to the aer krene at Phaeroh's Crag drying.


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