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Aethersphere (ToD PSX).gif
Game Tales of Destiny
Capital Dycroft
Ruler King Kronos

The Aethershpere, home of the Celestial Kingdom, is an ancient floating continent that once belonged to and was inhabited by the Aeth'er race in Tales of Destiny. As a result of the Aeth'er Wars, it was sunk into the sea only to be revived around 1,000 years later due to the actions of Hugo Gilchrist.


Creation and Revival

Around 1,000 years prior to the events of the story, a large, Lens-infused comet collided with the planet, enveloping the sky with a cloak of dust clouds. This, in turn, plunged the world into an ice age that threatened humankind. However, with the mysterious and powerful Lens of the comet, the crisis was averted. The people used the Lens to create and power a massive floating continent known as the Aethersphere, which was comprised of an Outer Shell (外殻 Gaikaku?) that housed several aerial cities (空中都市 kuuchuu toshi?, "city in the air"). The Aethersphere also yielded the fortress capital Dycroft, which made use of the superweapon Belcrant to prevent the people left behind on earth, known as the Er'ther race, from opposing the elite and privileged people of the Outer Shell, known as the Aeth'er race, who were led by Kronos. The tension between the two civilizations eventually erupted into a full-scale war known as the Aeth'er Wars.

Map of the Aethersphere.

A group of Aetherian scientists aided the Er'ther people by creating and bestowing upon their army leaders sentient swords known as Swordians. These army leaders used the Swordians to win the war, and the Er'ther people destroyed the Aethersphere, plunging its aeropolis cities into the depths of the ocean. As as result of the war, the remaining Aetherians were exiled to the harsh desert region of Calvalese, where they live in animosity toward the Er'ther people, who now dominate the planet. These events have long been forgotten by the modern population of the world. However, when Hugo uses the Eye of Atamoni to revive the Aethersphere, its capital, and the Outer Shell of aerial cities, a familiar threat spawns once again. The game's protagonists, led by Stahn Aileron, decide to infiltrate the Aethersphere to put an end to Hugo's maniacal plan of enclosing the planet with the Aethersphere, killing every living thing beneath the revived continent.

Aerial Apocalypse

Ignasea Emblem (ToD PS2).png Deimos Emblem (ToD PS2).png Cloudius Emblem (ToD PS2).png Rodeon Emblem (ToD PS2).png Helraios Emblem (ToD PS2).png Josaia Emblem (ToD PS2).png Mikheil Emblem (ToD PS2).png
Ignasea Deimos Cloudius Rodeon Helraios Josaia Mikheil

Through the assistance of Reynes and Marius Raiker, the group devises an elaborate plan to infiltrate the aeropolis cities of Ignasea, Deimos, Cloudius, Rodeon, Helraios, Josaia, and Mikheil in order to overcome the obstacles preventing them from entering the capital city of Dycroft. Using Radisrol as their central base, the group traverses the forming terrain of the Aethersphere to each of their destinations. The first of these destinations is Ignasea, a coliseum-like infrastructure christened by a winged emblem and yielding a transporter, which the group secures before proceeding, while the second destination is Deimos, a fortress-like city with a cross as its emblem. At the third destination, the plant-infested city of Cloudius that dons a tree as its emblem, the group encounters and is forced to kill the Oberon executive Baruk Songram, who is guarding the control center that is crucial to deactivating a Flying Dragon.

Passing through the towering, star-emblemed Rodeon, the group makes their way to Helraios, a large research facility marked by a gear emblem and guarded by the Oberon executive Ilene Rembrandt, who fights the group and meets her end atop the massive infrastructure. It is where the group is able to repair the Swordian Igtenos, who was rendered unable to speak following the battle with Lydon Bernhardt. Through the pillared city of Josaia and its spiral-emblemed chambers, the group finds themselves in the Mikheil military base, adorned with an emblem featuring two triangles overlapping one another. It is here that the group encounters and defeats the Oberon executive Shane Rembrandt, who is holding the hostaged Marian Fustel. The group manages to use the Cruiser they find in the military base to infiltrate Belcrant and defeat Hugo.


  • According to ancient and medieval science, aether, also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. This correlates with the Aethersphere's proximity to the Er'ther Lands.