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Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Age 15
Height 5'0" / 153 cm
Race Human
Occupation Rashugal Noble (formerly)
•Member of the Chimeriad (currently)
Weapon Staff-sword
Japanese Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto

Agria the Shadowless (無影のアグリア Mu'ei no Aguria?), birth name Nadia L. Travis (ナディア・L・トラヴィス Nadia L. Toravisu?), is a major antagonist and member of the Chimeriad in Tales of Xillia. She is alternatively known as the "Lady in Red". In Tales of Xillia 2, Agria appears in various fractured dimensions.


Tainted Childhood[]

Nadia was born in Rashugal to the Travis family, being the illegitimate daughter of Count Fernand L. Travis (フェルナンド・L・トラヴィス Ferunando L. Toravisu?) and Eva (エヴァ?), a tavern singer at a local village belonging to House Travis. Nadia enjoyed a simple yet happy childhood with her mother, her mother's wet nurse, and the wet nurse's daughter, Prinn (プラン Puran?). Fernand was mostly uninvolved with their lives, though he did visit occasionally, and when Nadia asked about her father, Eva told her that he was busy with work. At one point, Fernand gave Nadia two little sylphjays.

At the age of six, Nadia and Eva were moved to an annex of the Travis manor, where she was finally recognized as Fernand's daughter, thereafter bearing his name. Fernand's wife, Roberta (ロベルタ Roberuta?), and their four children, however, detested this change and persistently bullied Nadia and Eva. When Nadia was 11, Eva reached her limit and jumped out of a window to her death, and she was then moved into the central house of the manor, where the bullying intensified. It was not long before Nadia herself could no longer endure the torment and ran away.

The Path of Revenge[]

Agria (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Managing to survive on her own, Nadia eventually heard rumors of her mother's death, learning that either her stepmother Roberta or stepbrother Aurignac (オーリニャック Oorinyakku?) was responsible. Nadia's desire for revenge instilled with her a powerful maneuver over spirit artes, and she used this to her advantage in slaughtering nobles. She eventually settled in Fennmont until one day, a woman named Mink, who happened to be involved with a noble Nadia was targeting, offered to work together with Nadia, as Mink herself was a spy from Auj Oule.

Nadia soon returned home and feigned remorse for running away, acquiring the aid of Prinn, who began working at Talim Medical School, and using her family's connections to receive her own position at the Laforte Research Center. It was during this time that Mink joined King Gaius as a member of the Chimeriad, changing her name to Presa. Some time afterward, Presa offered for Nadia to join her in defending Shrade Island, which was Auj Oule territory being invaded by Rashugal. When Nadia learned that two of the commanding Rashugal officers of the invasion were her stepbrothers, she seized the opportunity for revenge.

Nadia, at the age of 13, joined Gaius and Presa, as well as the Chimeriad members Wingul and Jiao, in overcoming Rashugal's forces. Nadia, Presa, Wingul, and Jiao alone managed to slay 120 soldiers. Nadia killed her two stepbrothers and joined the Chimeriad, having proven herself to Gaius, who christened her Agria, the "stinger" of the Chimera. Her final act of revenge occurred when she returned from the battle to Rashugal, where she set the Travis house on fire, killing the remainder of her family and settling the score.

Tales of Xillia[]

At the beginning of the story, Agria carefully monitored the development of the Lance of Kresnik at the Laforte Research Center and had planned to steal it; however, the actions of Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell prevent this. While using the Lance of Kresnik against them, she ends up sealing the Four Great Spirits: Efreet, Undine, Gnome, and Sylph, inside the Lance.

Agria is not seen again until the group finds her once more in Fennmont after a failed attempt at securing the Lance, which ended up causing a fire at the research center. After encountering her, Rowen J. Ilbert immediately recognizes her and calls her by her original name, only for her to refuse to be called by that name. Agria first meets Leia Rolando during this event and takes an immediate dislike toward her and her values. She fights with the group but loses, fleeing shortly afterward. Before leaving, she tells the group that Lance had moved to Orda Palace.

If the group decides to help Prinn retrieve "Harmonica Grass" in order to treat Bobo (ボーボー Boubou?), an injured sylphjay, before heading to Fezebel Marsh, they will encounter Agria talking with Prinn, telling her that they need to leave due to their mission being complete. Realizing they are the friends that Prinn had asked to get the Harmonica Grass for Bobo, Agria reveals to them that Prinn is her liaison, whose job is to use Bobo to send the information that Agria collects to Auj Oule. Agria then proceeds to insult Leia for unknowingly aiding an enemy spy, causing Leia to run out of the room. Shortly after, Prinn reveals some of Agria's past to them and then thanks them for saving Bobo, revealing that Agria had been taking care of Bobo since he was an egg and that Agria has always loved him.

Immediately after Exodus's invasion, Agria sadistically assaults Jude and another soldier, to which Presa proceeds to tell her it is useless to attack them while they are unconscious. The next day, at the Xailen Woods Temple, she, Gaius, and the rest of the Chimeriad inform Jude they will have to work together in order to stop Gilandor Yul Svent. They reclaim the capital city of Kanbalar, capture one of the battleships, and eventually board Gilland's battleship. Later, at the Nia Khera Hallowmount behind Milla's Shrine, Agria and Presa fight the group in order to prevent them from interfering with Gaius's plans. After the fight, the terrain collapses, and both Agria and Presa fall to their deaths. While falling, Leia saves Agria by grabbing her hand, but Agria claims that some things in the world can never be changed, no matter how hard one tries. She then releases herself from Leia's grip and tells her to "drown in despair" while falling to her death.

Appearance and Personality[]

Agria (ToAsteria)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Agria has long, grayish hair, a premature whitening that was the direct result of the stress she endured upon running away from home, as well as fair skin, blemished with freckles on her face, and pink eyes. Her attire consists of a red dress donned with black feathers and black, thigh-high boots. Agria walks in a twitchy, uncoordinated manner, and her head lolls from shoulder to shoulder. She finds great pleasure in torture and is quick to belittle others with witty comments, all of which are seemingly foul and purposefully offensive.

Despite this, however, Agria also has a hidden, tender side related to her past. She cares for a sylphjay named Bobo, which is the chick belonging to the two birds she was given by her father; these birds, however, were killed by her stepbrother Celedonio (セレドニオ Seredonio?). After Agria's death, the group cares for Bobo, using him to deliver letters to each other.

Agria shows a great devotion to Gaius, and, despite her typical rude behavior, she becomes quite reserved and polite when he is around, which Presa teases her for. When Wingul and Presa tease Agria, Jiao makes attempts to calm things down and often gives her sweets. Despite not showing it, Agria cares about Presa and has a mutual respect for her, especially when it concerns Alvin, though Agria nonetheless teases Presa in return about him. The two will have lunch together if they are in the same place, and it was Presa who helped Agria control her power.

Fighting Style[]

Agria Cut-in (ToX)

Cut-in image for Pyro Storm in Tales of Xillia.

Agria fights using a uniquely designed staff. The staff itself has three blades attached to a rotational ring below the orb, allowing them to spin rapidly like a drill. Additionally, the blades can also fold outwards, allowing Agria to block attacks in front of her.

As a member of the Chimeriad, Agria represents the element of Fire, as Agria herself is exclusively adept at Fire-elemental artes, conducting flames through the blades for martial artes, or casting Fire-elemental spirit artes. Her mystic arte, Pyro Storm, has her extend from Pyro Helix to conjure a cyclone of flames.


Agria (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

  • Agria is a feminine form of the Spanish agrio, meaning "sour", while Nadia is a given name in Poland that derives from the Russian nadežda, meaning "hope". The "L" in Agria's birth name stands for Lalla, meaning "loving smile" in-universe.
  • Each member of the Chimeriad is named after a body part of the Chimera, a giant monster from legend. Agria translates to "stinger" in the game's lore.
  • Agria has four half-siblings: Aurignac, Gravett (グラヴェット Guravetto?), Celedonio, and Magdalena (マグダレーナ Magudareena?). Aurignac is bisexual and was the head Rashugal officer in the invasion of Shrade Island; he, alongside Gravett, was killed by Agria during this battle. Celedonio murdered Bobo's parents, and Magdalena's admirers were responsible for ransacking Agria's room at the manor, destroying mementos of her mother.
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, the player can acquire Agria's model as a skin for the party from the vendor in the Illusionary Darkness for the cost of 20 Ancient Bells. Her shop option is called "Mademoiselle Travis".
  • In the Japanese version of Tales of Xillia, Agria gives Leia the middle finger as she falls to her death. In the English version, this is censored to just pointing at her.

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