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Aifread (アイフリード Aifuriido?), occasionally localized as Ifreed, is a legendary pirate who appears, or is at least mentioned, in several games throughout the Tales series. Aifread represents one of several recurring staples of the series, and his role commonly involves major sidequests in which the protagonists attempt to find his lost treasure.

Appearances in Original Titles[]

Tales of Phantasia[]

Tales of Phantasia marks Aifread's first appearance, localized as "Ifreed" in this game, in which a sidequest involves the group traveling all over Aselia in order to gather all the treasures that Ifreed the Pirate scattered across the land for his son, Graham Ifreed. Graham is interested in discovering what Ifreed's greatest treasure was, and ultimately, it is revealed to be an old, worn dress that was nearly hidden at the center of Aselia. The dress belonged to Ifreed's wife, and his greatest treasure was love.

Tales of Eternia[]

Aifread serves a much larger role in Tales of Eternia. He is known as the legendary "King of Pirates" in both worlds, though considering his lack of an Elara, he was from Inferia. Chat, a recruitable character, is his great-granddaughter, and she never lets the group forget it. His wife was a Celestian woman named Rosania (ロザニア Rozania?). Aifread also appears to have been extremely eccentric, having designed puzzles involving everything from a board game, to a haunted house, to wind-up duck toys. Keele Zeibel particularly notes his bad sense of style. He scattered treasure around the world as well, and left cryptic clues as to their locations. The legacy of Aifread is one of the Seven Treasures of Celestia. It is thanks to him that the group is able to travel across and between the worlds, having created the Van Eltia. His theme song is simply known as "Aifread Theme", though the song "Comical Dungeon" is played in his dungeons.

Tales of Symphonia[]

In Tales of Symphonia, Aifread is a pirate from Luin who is in need of money to make a new crew and scams Lyla, a money-lender in Izoold, in order to get the cash. The group eventually gets tangled into a sidequest as well. After sending Lloyd Irving and his companions all over Sylvarant, not to mention scamming the group into paying his debt, he shows his true intentions by telling Colette Brunel that he simply wished for her to reflect on her journey, partially because he lost his entire crew when the Giant Kharlan Tree lost control. During this sidequest, Lloyd obtains the Arrgh, Me Hearties! title, which gives him a pirate-influenced costume. Upon completing the sidequest, the group also receives Aifread's Hat, an equippable piece of headgear that grants the highest intelligence statistic boost of all head armor in the game.

Tales of Rebirth[]

Although Aifread does not appear in Tales of Rebirth, a grave dedicated to him is one of the discoveries that can be found on the World Map. Referred to as the "Pirate King", his grave is persistently desecrated due to a legend that a treasure map is hidden there. In addition, there is an item in the game called Aifread's Handmirror (アイフリードの手鏡 Aifuriido no Tekagami?), the acquisition of which rewards the title G. Treasure Hunter (G・トレジャーハンター?).

Tales of Legendia[]

Aifread is mentioned in Tales of Legendia by one of his shipmates, Kaz, whom the group can meet in Werites Beacon. He has written notes about rare monsters that give hints as to their locations. If every monster mentioned in the notes is defeated, Kaz will give the group Aifread's Hat. There is also an item known as Aifread's Flag in the game.

Tales of the Abyss[]

The only mention of Aifread in Tales of the Abyss is the armor known as Aifread's Hat, which can be bought at the casino in Keterburg. Its description reads, "A hat said to have been worn by a certain pirate".

Tales of Vesperia[]

In Capua Torim, the granddaughter living in the lighthouse keeper's house is in love with Aifread. Upon speaking to her when the group returns to Capua Torim, she mentions that Aifread has died heroically, and she now wishes to become a sailor to honor his bravery. In this game, Aifread is not a man, as commonly believed, but is instead female and Patty Fleur's original identity. The man who is thought to be Aifread is actually her subordinate, Seifer.

Tales of Hearts R[]

In Tales of Hearts R, in the Sacred Oasis, a character mentions that Aifread, a pirate from long ago, could not bear to travel across the Schehera Desert with his load of treasure. Therefore, he had buried it somewhere within the desert and has yet to be found.

Tales of Xillia[]

In Tales of Xillia, there are various purple, diamond-shaped treasure chests, or arks, scattered throughout the dungeons and fields of both Rieze Maxia and Elympios known as Aifread's Treasures. Aifread was a legendary pirate who was said to have raided many cities throughout Rieze Maxia. However, he disappeared while trying to find the edge of the world. Later, after finding forty of Aifread's treasures, it is revealed that Aifread originally came from Elympios and must have found a way to cross the schism to Rieze Maxia.

Tales of Zestiria[]

In Tales of Zestiria, the Aifread's Hunting Ground is the only mention of the pirate. It is a road by an ocean south of Pearlots Pasture and the location description states that Aifread roved the area a thousand years prior.

Tales of Berseria[]

In Tales of Berseria, Van Aifread is the captain of a ship called the Van Eltia, which boasts his crew of pirates. During his journeys across the seas, he visited an unnamed, far-off continent, from which he brought a mysterious relic. After Aifread's mysterious disappearance after a duel, his crew begins to search for him, but information is hard to come by regarding his current whereabouts.

Appearances in Crossover Titles[]

Tales of the Rays[]

In Tales of the Rays, Aifread is a long-deceased man known as "the Hero", but was also a pirate. He was a powerful summoner who sealed Tir Na Nog's spirits so in the future he could lend a hand to the priestess of Dana, Biqe Yalanda Odanse, a mirrist.

Tales of Crestoria[]

In Tales of Crestoria, Aifread is a deceased pirate who gained fame in his life. When Vicious and his companions need a ship in Centerport, he spreads a false rumor that Aifread's treasure was nearby, attracting a whole armada.