Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Asgard
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Misato Fukuen

Aisha is a minor supporting character in Tales of Symphonia.


Aisha is first seen in her home, along with Harley, a half-elf, and Linar, Aisha's brother. Although Harley tells the group to leave, Aisha reprimands him and thanks the group for stopping Harley and Linar from destroying the local ruins. Harley claims that he and Linar were doing so in order to prevent Aisha from being sacrificed, leaving Linar to explain that Aisha has been chosen to perform a ritual in honor of the Summon Spirit of Wind. Originally, the ritual merely involved dancing on the stone dais; however, Linar accidentally opened the seal while conducting research, and the Summon Spirit was released as a result, demanding sacrifices.

Before the group can decide on a course of action, Harley kicks them out of the house, stressing that Aisha will soon be sacrificed. When Raine Sage resolves to take Aisha's place in the ritual, Aisha reluctantly allows it. At the dais, Raine performs the ritual, calling forth an evil creature, not the guardian of the seal. The group then fights and defeats the "Windmaster", allowing for Aisha to be spared. Aisha thanks the group as Raine and Linar leave to decipher an ancient Balacruf tablet.

Raine later reveals that the tablet points toward the evil creature as being the calamity that afflicted the ancient Balacruf Empire. A summoner of the time used the Summon Spirit of Wind, Sylph, to suppress the calamity and seal it away within the ritual dais. In the event that the calamity should reawaken, the summoner left a map to locate Sylph, but after a number of years, people began to confuse Sylph with the calamity, leading to the recent events. Now knowing their next destination, the group anticipates the next seal, which prompts Aisha to ask their intentions, but she is never answered due to Kratos Aurion's clever diversion.