Alba Torn
Alba Sprite (ToD PSX)
Game Tales of Destiny
Residences Mountain Cabin
Age 67
Race Er'ther
Occupation Archery Instructor
Japanese Voice Actor Takashi Taguchi (PS2)

Alba Torn (アルバ・トーン Aruba Toon?, "Alba Tone") is a minor supporting character in Tales of Destiny. He is an archery instructor who has taught both Garr Kelvin and Chelsea Torn.


Prior to the events of the story, Chelsea's mother sent her to Alba in order to keep her away from suffering during the aftermath of a civil war in Phandaria and died soon after from a plague that swept Heidelberg. It is never stated whether Chelsea is a blood relative of Alba or whether she calls him "grandfather" as an endearing term. Garr mentions their similarities in mannerisms in terms of genetics, but the events afterward imply that Garr is largely unfamiliar with Chelsea's past, making it possible that he refers to Alba as Chelsea's grandfather because she does.

During the story, Garr finds Stahn Aileron passed out in the crater of what was once a lake in the Phandaria region, having fallen from the Lumina Draconis in an escape pod and used his Swordian Dymlos's power to save himself from drowning in the lake. Garr brings Stahn to Alba's cabin to recover, and once Stahn becomes conscious again, he is introduced to Alba and Garr, as well as Chelsea shortly thereafter when he and Garr find her nearby. It becomes evident early on that Garr holds great respect for Alba, referring to him as "sensei". When Stahn and Garr prepare to leave for the border town of Janos, Alba encourages Garr to see his father and wishes the two well.

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