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Albert Grandeioza
Albert Grandeioza
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Hometown Tenos
Age 24
Height 182 cm
Weight 72 kg
Race Human
Occupation Leader of Tenos
Weapon Pistol
Japanese Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita
Character Designer Taketoshi Inagaki

Albert Grandeioza (アルベール・グランディオーザ Arubeeru Gurandiooza?, "Alberto Grandioza") is a major antagonist in Tales of Innocence. He is the reincarnation of Orifiel's beloved student, Himmel.


Tense Meeting[]

Albert is first mentioned when Ricardo Soldato explains to the group that Albert hired him to capture Ange Serena. Ricardo also notes Albert's status as an aristocrat from Tenos and Albert's mention of the "power of creation", which Ange recognizes as the Manifest. The group then deduces that Albert could be seeking the Manifest in order to benefit his country in the war. However, these speculations remain as such until Albert himself encounters the group at the Divine Garden, where he introduces himself and questions the group's intrusion.

After some poorly-fabricated lies from Illia Animi and Spada Belforma, Albert reveals his charismatic demeanor before asking Ricardo if Ange is with him. Ange then steps forward and questions Albert, who reveals that he is the reincarnation of Himmel and has waited for Orifiel for some time now. Albert asks Ange to leave with him, and she complies without speaking. Before the group can interfere, a trio of Tenos soldiers engage them in battle.

Confrontation in Tenos[]

After the events at the Divine Garden, the group resolves to return to Tenos, where they believe Albert and Ange are. There, Ricardo suspects that the two are in the city's munitions factory, as it serves as the military's headquarters. On the highest level of the factory, the group confronts Ange and Albert, who beckons for Orifiel to join him in going to the Sky Castle, where he believes the Manifest is located. Ange remains speechless, while Ruca Milda questions Albert's intentions and background, asking if he works for Mathias. Albert rejects the notion but remains vague in his intentions before Ange asks him directly, leaving him to explain that he desires a world where only the Ratio Reborn exist, which stuns Ange. Albert further explains that he once believed in the unification of Devaloka and Naraka, but Naraka's current, war-ravaged state blurred that vision. Shortly afterward, a flashback reveals a conversation between Orifiel and Asura, who confesses that a loved one must be sacrificed in order to activate the Manifest.

When Albert's plan to sacrifice Ange to accomplish this comes to light, the group vows to stop him, but Ange interferes and joins Albert in fighting the group instead. After the battle, Ange explains that it is because of her past sins that she feels obligated to protect Albert and prevent him from dying again. She then convinces Albert to change his mind by stressing his confinement to the past, as well as that he has more freedom than Himmel and should release himself from the Manifest's bind. Ange's words effectively deter Albert's ambitions, but Mathias then appears and claims that, now that she knows where the Manifest lies, its power shall be hers. Albert urges the group to board the nearby airship and make it to Sky Castle before Mathias finds the Manifest.

A New Beginning[]

Albert Ending (ToI)

Still from the ending sequence of Tales of Innocence.

Albert appears once more in Regnum after the events at the Tower of Dawn. There, he approaches the group and speaks to Ange, having heard the group's recent conversation about Ange rebuilding the cathedral in Naohs. He offers to help in repayment for Ange saving him from the entrapment of his past life. He then asks her to join him in Tenos, an offer she accepts, and the two leave.

Appearance and Personality[]

Albert Skit (ToI)

Albert is a man of average height with fair skin and blond hair. He wears a pair of glasses and a Tenos military outfit that distinguishes him as an official rather than a mere soldier. Around his waist is a belt that offers a holster for his pistol. Personality-wise, Albert is a sophisticated man prestigious in his field. His only downfall is the reliance on his past life, which spurs his antagonistic cause.

Fighting Style[]

Albert Cut-in (ToI-R)

Cut-in image for Punishment Permit, featuring Himmel, in Tales of Innocence R.

In battle, Albert fights with a single pistol, which makes him adept in attacking his targets from a distance. The only time he is fought is alongside Ange in her attempt to protect him. Relatively slow in battle, Albert mostly attacks from afar, leaving Ange to engage in close-combat with the party members. In the original version of the game, Albert's artes, save his mystic arte, Punishment Permit, are unnamed; however, in the game's remake, he gains the strike artes Assault Trigger, Dizzy Bomb, Heaven's Ladder, and the powerful Judgment, which normally appears as a spell.


  • Like many characters in the game, Albert's surname Grandeioza, a misspelling of Grandioza, derives from Esperanto, meaning "great".