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Official artwork of the Albiore.

The Albiore is a flying machine created by Sheridan's "Class M" researchers. It was manufactured using a Dawn Age hover drive unearthed near Daath, and loaned to Kimlasca for a joint-research project.


Upon Luke fon Fabre's first arrival in Sheridan, the party learns that the Albiore has fallen in the Meggiora Highlands after an accident occurred during testing. They volunteer and rescue the pilot, Ginji, as well as the craft. Another Albiore, the Albiore II is created from parts taken from the Tartarus in the party's absence. This craft serves as the main mode of transportation throughout the story, and is flown by Ginji's sister Noelle. Later, a third Albiore, the Albiore III, is created in Sheridan and used by Asch with Ginji as the pilot.