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Alexander von Cumore
Alexander Cumore (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Zaphias
Race Human
Occupation Imperial Knights Captain
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Nojima
English Voice Actor Liam O’Brien[1]

Alexander von Cumore (アレクサンダー・フォン・キュモール Arekusandaa fon Kyumooru?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia.


An extravagant-looking narcissist with a hysteric personality, Cumore is first seen in Zaphias at the beginning of the story, arresting Yuri Lowell while he is trying to chase Dedecci, who had stolen an aque blastia core from a fountain in the lower quarter. He later makes an appearance in Mantaic, sending innocent citizens, and even his own soldiers, on a suicidal mission into the desert to search for Phaeroh, but his plans are thwarted by the group upon their return to the desert town. That night, Yuri, knowing that Cumore, like Ragou, will never be punished for his crimes, asserts his vigilante authority by waking Cumore in his sleep and chasing him to a dune of quicksand.

Not wanting to die, a terrified Cumore begs Yuri to not kill him, saying that he was only following orders, only for Yuri to tell him to blame the one who gave him those orders for his death. Cumore then tells Yuri that he can give him whatever he wants, including being pardoned for his past crimes. However, Yuri states that that there is only one thing he wants and prepares to kill him, only for Cumore to fall into the quicksand behind him. As he is sinking to his death, Cumore begs Yuri to not let him die, but Yuri ignores his cries while angrily asking how many of his own victims had begged for mercy from him. Realizing he is doomed, Cumore screams as he sinks to his death.