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Alexei Dinoia
Alexei Dinoia
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Age 42
Height 185 cm
Race Human
Occupation Commandant of the Imperial Knights
Weapon False Dein Nomos
Japanese Voice Actor Jurota Kosugi
English Voice Actor •D.C. Douglas[1]
•Jason Douglas

Alexei Dinoia (アレクセイ・ディノイア Arekusei Dinoia?, "Alexei Denoia") is a primary antagonist of Tales of Vesperia. Alexei represents his country's government as the Commandant of the Imperial Knights. He has made the official Royal Guard (親衛隊?) his own personal brigade.


Early Life[]

During the previous Emperor's reign, Alexei entered and won a tournament. As a result, he was accepted into the Imperial Knights as reward. As Alexei climbed in ranks, he became well-known and revered for his ideals, gaining the respect and support of many of his fellow knights, including Schwann Oltorain, as well as the townspeople. In his spare time, he researched vigorously for ways he could achieve his goals, and at some point, discovered the true nature of the blastia, as well as the nature of the imperial family, and sought a way to use the information to help with his dream.

However, as time passed, Alexei grew more and more weary with the injustices of the world, and he became more obsessed with changing things. Eventually, he began to believe that the only way to change things was to purge the world of its "scum", and decided that the only way to do so was to unleash calamity into the world. As he made his plans, he gained followers and continued his research. He also began to experiment with blastia, one such experiment being the usage of blastia to support the life of those who would otherwise be dead.

Alexei Dinoia (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

During the Great War, Alexei would fit fallen soldiers with blastia to replace their heart, and if successful, he would use the individuals to do his bidding. The two most notable successful subjects were Yeager and Schwann. The latter would eventually turn on Alexei and bring about his downfall. By the time of the events of the story, Alexei had become Commandant of the Imperial Knights and was prepared to execute his plans, with Khroma being his only fully informed confidant. His ambition took him to betraying the Knights and the government, but due to his promises of a changed world, he had recruited many knights to his cause without them knowing the true nature of his plans.

Due to his cunning and resourceful nature, Alexei is able to order the construction of the Mobile Fortress Heracles, which is completed by the start of the story. At the same time, he starts plotting with several less peaceful guilds.

Role in the Plot[]

Alexei is first seen by Yuri Lowell in the dungeons of Zaphias Castle, taking Raven away with him. Much later at Heliord, Alexei requests Rita Mordio to investigate the blastia malfunction that occurred in the city the day prior by going to Keiv Moc where sightings of abnormalities were spotted.

After Raven brings Estelle from Myorzo, Alexei meets with Yuri and his companions at the ruins of Yormgen. There he reveals his mastermind nature to them and thanks Yuri for his sense of justice that allowed him to achieve much more than he originally planned. Just when Flynn Scifo arrives with his knights, so does Yeager with Droite and Gauche, and Alexei commands them to deal with his enemies as he leaves for the Shrine of Baction, where he keeps the kidnapped princess.

Within the depths of the Shrine, the Commandant keeps Estelle trapped and enslaved within a special formula. Alexei threatens the weakened Entelexeia Astal and making mockery of the princess's powers. When Yuri and his companions arrive, Alexei uses Estelle's power resulting in Astal dying and turning into an apatheia. He subsequently takes the crystal for his own and when he attempts to use Estelle's powers again, he is stopped by Yuri and Dein Nomos. Alexei shows little concern with the appearance of the sword and decides to still use Estelle in his plans, considering his knowledge and her powers superior to the blade. He leaves them for Zaphias as a group knights arrive to obstruct his enemies' way. After Yuri and his companions finally arrive to the skies above Zaphias, Alexei uses Estelle's powers to release a powerful blast of energy and knock them a great distance away. Flynn Scifo claims Alexei's position as Commandant after his betrayal.

At Zaude, the party finds Alexei in the deepest level, trying to figure out the formula to make it work. Alexei attempts to retreat to the top of the structure, but the party finally attacks and confronts him. Alexei is defeated, but while fighting the group, he is still analyzing Zaude. Alexei tries to activate it, only to be stopped by Yuri. At that moment, everyone witnesses the Adephagos's arrival. The shrine of Zaude is not a weapon like Alexei thought. Rather, it is a barrier the ancients used to seal away the Adepaghos, since they were not able to destroy it and Alexei had undone the seal. Mentally broken over how he brought forth the inevitable doom, Alexei is caught off guard when Yuri slashes into his chest before ultimately being crushed to death by the core of Zaude.

Fighting Style[]

Alexei Brilliant Cataclysm

Cut-in image for Brilliant Cataclysm in Tales of Vesperia.

As expected from the Commandant of the Imperial Knights, Alexei is shown to be a formidable fighter at close-range and can be considered one of the hardest bosses in the game. His sword, the False Dein Nomos (偽剣デインノモス Giken Dein Nomos?) also allows him to fire slow projectiles at a range. He has an array of powerful strike artes of multiple elements, such as Ill Wind, Apocalypse Toll, Guardian Frost, Radiant Dragon, Grave Worm, and Raging Ice Fang. Alexei is also known to have very dangerous spells like Tidal Wave and Holy Rain. Alexei's most devastating attack is his mystic arte, Brilliant Cataclysm that can cover a big portion of the battlefield.



  • Alexei's first name is a boy's name of Greek and Russian origin meaning "defending men".