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Alicia Combatir
Alicia Model
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Ozette
Race Human
Occupation Maid

Alicia Combatir (アリシア・コンバティール Arishia Konbatiiru?) was Presea Combatir's little sister. She used to work for Regal Bryant in order to provide for her family after her father fell ill. In the present, she is dead, and her grave lies in a sky garden on the roof of the Lezareno Company's Headquarters in Altamira, a place she liked to go to when alive.



In Tales of Symphonia, Alicia is mentioned by George when he spots Presea and mistakes her for her sister. Being told that they are sisters, he lets them go and visit her grave. An Exsphere is on the grave, and the spirit of Alicia appears to greet her sister. The younger sister begs Presea to find her master Bryant, her killer. Before she can explain more, however, they lose contact.

Later, when Regal hears about Alicia and her relation to Presea, he asks them to visit Altamira. There, he saves George and admits that he his full name is Regal Bryant, the master and killer of Alicia. They all go to visit Alicia's grave, where her spirit reappears, and their story is fully told: Alicia used to work as Regal's maid, and through the years, they fell in love. George, however, thought it inappropriate considering their roles in society, and sent her to be experimented upon in the Angelus Project. Proved useless compared to her sister, she was given back to Regal as a monster. Using the last of her control, she begged him to kill her before she killed him, and after several attacks, he fulfills her wish. This is the reason Regal is a convict, and why he, despite his talents, refuses to use his hands in battle, having vowed to never kill with the hands that killed his love.

In the present, Alicia begs Presea to forgive Regal, as she has forgiven him. She then asks them to destroy her Exsphere, because, while it might keep her soul in the living world, she is more often than not unable to speak, and cannot move or do anything except listen and watch; this condition she describes as hell. Presea and Regal ask Lloyd Irving to free her from the Exsphere by destroying it, which he does. The energy from the Exsphere is afterward collected into his own. From then on, Alicia is the love that binds them together, not the hate that forces them apart.

Illusions in Welgaia[]

When the group is separated in Welgaia in different traps, Presea and Regal are freed from their cell by some unseen force, they see Alicia before them, although they are not sure if she is real or not. As Alicia starts to speak of revenge and anger, Regal becomes aggravated with the vision, and tries to destroy it, which then makes Presea turn her axe toward him in fear that this Alicia might, in fact, be real. Just as they attack each other, Lloyd's voice is heard, and he is made visible, revealing that he was the one who opened the door. Wounded from stopping their attacks, he reveals that the Alicia in front of them is only an illusion created by Mithos. Soon, Mithos himself appears behind the fake Alicia and states that sinners must be punished. Presea realizes, with some reassurance from Lloyd, that taking revenge on Regal will only cause the spiral of revenge and hatred to continue, and calms down. The two grow closer after this incident, assuring each other that everything will be okay in time, and continue traveling with Lloyd.

The End and Beyond[]

After the final battle with Mithos, Presea and Regal meet each other before Alicia's grave, where Presea admits to her, Alicia and Regal that she is actually 28-years-old, her Exsphere having stopped her body from aging when she was twelve. Regal says that he will lead the Lezareno Company once more, to help the union between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Presea agrees to help him in any ways she can, knowing that Alicia would have wanted her to.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the group often meet before Alicia's grave, although the topic of her is never mentioned. The only time where she is mentioned unnamed, is in the Temple of Ice, when Regal uses his hands to free himself and Emil Castagnier. He admits that he does not use his hands to fight anymore because he killed the one dearest to him, which inspires Emil to wonder how it must feel, and what he would feel if he had to battle Richter Abend.

Appearance and Personality[]

Alicia has pink hair in short pigtails, and wears a uniform similar to a maid's. Despite being Presea's younger sister, she looks older than her as a result of Presea's Exsphere preventing her from aging before Alicia died. Personality-wise, not much of Alicia is seen within the story, except for a childlike cheerfulness and understanding for Regal's murder. In the manga retelling of the story, however, a flashback provides an insight of her, where she is shown as energetic, open-minded and hard-working, hiding her desires to see her family for the sake of earning money she sends to them.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Symphonia Manga[]

In the manga retelling of the main game, a flashback shows how Alicia and Regal first met, how hardworking she was and how she acted very familiar with Regal instead of treating him like an upper being. They grew close and would often worry George with their relationship. One day, Alicia admits that she misses her sister and father, but that she has not visited them ever since she came to work for Regal. Her master asks her to follow him on a vacation to Ozette when he is finished with his work, which she happily accepts. However, on the day they are to go, Regal cannot find Alicia, before he finds out that George let Vharley have her for Exsphere experiments.

Tales of Crestoria[]

In Tales of Crestoria, Presea and Alicia worked together as lumberjacks for the village Kio. One day, Presea fell deeply ill. A traveling apothecary came by and healed her. Unfortunately, the medicine provided had all sorts of side effects. It amplified her strength, at the cost of her growth. Laphicet states that she is much older than him, but looked the same age for as long as they have known each other.

Suddenly, Presea suffered a terrible accident that prevented her from cutting more trees. The medicine needed was too expensive for working in Kio. So Alicia resorted to traveling to the city to find higher paying work while Laphicet stayed behind to tend to Presea's wounds. Alicia worked day and night at a nobleman's mansion to earn enough money to buy the medicine needed for her sister. And it all went along smoothly. But while she was working, Alicia caught the eye of the nobleman's son, who wanted to marry her. He could not take no for an answer, so he abducted Alicia and locked her away. The details for the rest of the story are unknown, but Alicia killed the nobleman's son and escaped. When the residents of the city learned of this, they showed the son's corpse to Vision Central and sealed Alicia's fate when her vision orb transformed into a Stain of Guilt on her arm. Desperate to save her sister's life, Presea resorted to cutting Alicia's stained arm off. Unfortunately, this only made things worse, and transformed her into an incarnation. But before the incarnation could consume her, Alicia left behind a note of all the dreams she never got the chance to realize, which ended up in Presea's hands after the incarnation was devoured by Velvet Crowe.