Alisha Diphda
Alisha Diphda.png
Game Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Ladylake
Age 17
Height 5'3" / 161 cm
Race Human
Occupation •Princess-Knight
•Queen (ToZtX)
Weapon •Spear
•Knife (ToZtX)
Japanese Voice Actor Ai Kayano
English Voice Actor Alexis Tipton[1]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
This article is about the character from Tales of Zestiria. For the character from Tales of Symphonia, see Alicia Combatir.

Alisha Diphda (アリーシャ・ディフダ Ariisha Difuda?) is one of the main protagonists in Tales of Zestiria and princess of the Kingdom of Hyland. However, due to her mother's low social status, she is the farthest from inheriting the throne, and has thus trained as a knight in order to serve her country. She meets Sorey while journeying to discover why various disasters around the world are occurring. In the "Alisha's Story: The Strength of a Knight" DLC scenario, Alisha is given the leading role of the party. As part of her Squire's pact, Sorey gave her the name Melphis Amekia (マオクス=アメッカ Maokusu Amekka?), meaning "The Smiling Alisha", while she was acting as his Squire. While she was Rose's Squire, she was given the name Isylvia Amekia (イスリウィーエブ=アメッカ Isuriwiiebu Amekka?), meaning "The Crying Alisha".

Appearance and Personality

Alisha wears a white and yellow flower in her blonde hair, which is worn in a side ponytail. Her bangs crisscross, and the ends of her hair are curled. She has bright green eyes. She wears black, gold, and silver armor on her arms and legs. Her attire consists of a pink and white tunic and black shorts. In her DLC, Alisha wears a blue and navy corset with tails, a blue and navy bolero, a white skirt edged with black lace, white boots with gold edges tied with blue ribbons, black thigh-high stockings, and white gloves. Alisha also wears a large white hat with golden rims, accented with blue feathers with yellow tips. Her ponytail is lower down and more on the back of her head. The new look also replaces her current status image and mystic arte cut-in image.

As a knight and princess, Alisha places her kingdom first, even before her own life. This is evidenced when she requests that the Scattered Bones spare Chancellor Bartlow even after he tries to have her killed, because she knows his death will bring chaos to the government. This conviction to do everything in her power to help her country is also what influences her to leave her journey with Sorey. Alisha is a truth-seeker, and is not afraid to get involved in situations herself in order to find out more about them. While she tends toward the emotional, she tries to master her personal feelings and do what must be done, such as when the group confronts Maltran.

Fighting Style

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Alisha uses a long spear in combat to perform quick attacks, much like her instructor, Lady Maltran; the two also share a mystic arte, Light Blast. Alisha's artes allow her to attack from further away than the others and enable her to rapidly close the distance to her target. Since Alisha is not a full-time party member, her artes do not inflict as much damage as Sorey and the others' abilities, but her fighting style and weapon are proficient at keeping the enemy stunned, oftentimes sending them into the air.

As part of the game's pre-order bonuses, Alisha can acquire the mystic arte, Soulstoke Celebration, which originates from Tales of Xillia and is associated with Leia Rolando. In the "Alisha after Episode" DLC scenario, Alisha gains a new mystic arte, Azure Apocalypse. In Tales of Zestiria the X, Alisha shows additional prowess with both knife and sword; her knife skills are such that she can fend off Rose, and she can fend off a group of soldiers with a sword. Her main weapon is still a spear, but she keeps a knife with her at all times and wields it when ambushed or unable to bring her spear.


First status image in Tales of Zestiria. 
Second status image in Tales of Zestiria. 
First cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria. 
Second cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria. 


Artwork for Tales of Link.

  • Alisha's name means "nobility", which suits her status as a princess.
  • According to a skit, the transparent parts of Alisha's armor have been passed down through the Diphda family for generations. It supposedly belonged to one of Alisha's ancestors, who was said to have defeated a monster who turned anything it saw into black crystal.
  • Alisha's leaving the party after a short period in Tales of Zestiria proved highly controversial in Japan. Many fans felt they had been misled by marketing that depicted Alisha as the game's heroine, while others felt the character of Rose was an inferior replacement.[2]
  • Stores throughout the world continue to stock higher tier weapons for Alisha as the game progresses. These weapons are also sold in numerous locations that she cannot visit in the main game. Both facts have led to fan speculation that she was not intended to permanently leave the party in earlier versions of the script. It's also possible that this was simply an oversight while the DLC was being planned.
  • In Tales of Zestiria the X, Alisha manages to achieve armatization in the second season, something she was unable to do in the game. In addition, it seems that the Squire pact she made with Sorey does not negatively affect him in any way.
  • In the localization of Tales of the Rays, Alisha was occasionally localized as "Alicia".


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