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Almeidrea Kaineris
Almeidrea Kaineris (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Race Renan
Occupation Lord of Mahag Saar
Japanese Voice Actor Atsuko Tanaka
English Voice Actor Laura Post

Almeidrea Kaineris (アウメドラ・カイネリス Aumedora Kainerisu?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Arise. She is the "Lord of wind" and the ruler of Mahag Saar. A cutthroat practitioner of "might makes right," she is prepared to sacrifice not only her people but the security of her own realm in her craven pursuit of power.


Prior to the beginning of the game, Almeidrea surpassed her older brother, solidifying her place as the lord of Mahag Saar. During her time on Dahna, she caught a young Rinwell performing an astral arte. As soon as she did that, Almeidrea went in and wiped out the Mage tribe to plunder their secrets. Only Rinwell survived the massacre, permanently scarred by Almeidrea's cruelty.

Throughout the story, Almeidrea is working on obtaining more and more astral energy to win the Crown Contest, and eventually comes across the Fruit of Helgan, which could do exactly that. To test it out, she has Kelzalik sneak the fruit in the food in Elde Menencia and observe the results. She eventually learns of how the fruit can hollow victims who consume too much of it. She pretends to flee from her palace and waits until the people of Mahag Saar eat enough tainted food before allowing herself to be captured. Her plan comes to fruition during her false execution in Niez where Dahnans are hollowed due to their heightened emotions. Almeidrea reveals to the party her plans as well as shows Rinwell that it was she who drove the Dahnan mages to the brink of extinction to steal their secrets via her ID crest. Almeidrea shows the party the fruit of the research in creating powerful zeugles, escaping to her ship, the Mobile Fortress Gradia. When the party finally catches her aboard her vessel, she fights them with her zeugle but loses. Moments later the mysterious swordsman who once attacked Alphen appears, identified by the weakened Almeidrea as Vholran Igniseri. She asks him for help but instead meets her end when he runs her through and then tosses her into the ocean.

When the party later arrive on Lenegis, they decide to learn more about the Lords from Renan perspective. They learn that Almeidrea had effectively killed any man in her family using any means necessary to gain her position and acquire respect. She is especially highly regarded among women.

Appearance and Personality

Almeidrea is a very cruel woman, stopping at nothing to achieve her goals. To attain her title of a Lord, she even went as far as to murder men in her family, who were more proficient astral arte users, ready to show that she could also command great power despite her gender.

Fighting Style

In battle, Almeidrea relies on a zeugle named Mesmald (メズメルド Mezumerudo?) to do most of the fighting for her, while she casts Wind astral artes from top of the zeugle. If Mesmald is at half health, she will leave the zeugle's back and levitate high in the air and act as a support unit.