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Alphen (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Height 176 cm
Race Dahnan
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Takuya Sato
English Voice Actor Ray Chase[1]

Alphen (アルフェン Arufen?) is one of the two main protagonists of Tales of Arise. He is a Dahnan man who lost his memories and capability to feel physical pain.


A year prior to the beginning of the game, he first woke up without any memories or pain. The first person who found him, Doc gave him the name Iron Mask (鉄仮面 Tekkamen?) as a means to remind him that he had a real name somewhere.

Appearance and Personality

Alphen has neck-long white hair and gray eyes. During his journeys he wears at least two outfits, both designed to protect vulnerable areas around his body due to his inability to feel pain. In a more casual one, he dons a white shirt with various protective blue leather pieces around his chest and waist, brown pants and leather boots, brown gloves and large black mask covering most of his head. Alphen's second outfit is a full black armor with blue light clothes beneath it and a blue cape hanging from his waist down.

Outraged at the Renans abuse of his people's lives, Alphen is very passionate toward liberating his people from the yoke of oppression.

Fighting Style

Alphen is a swordfighter who specializes in close-quarters combat. He sports an array of fast artes that chain well together, as well as long-distance and aerial artes, making him well suited to face any foe Dahna throws him. When Auto Mode is enabled, Alphen will primarily target enemies with lower HP during combat.

Alphen can sacrifice HP to use a Flaming Edge, a strong, wide-reaching Blazing Sword attack.[2] Holding any of the arte buttons will trigger a Flaming Edge after he performs the corresponding arte. Flaming Edge moves cost no AG to use. Flaming Edge moves have the added bonus of dealing extra damage to downed enemies. Plus, after learning a certain skill, holding the button longer can let Alphen exchange more of his HP for more power.