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Altamira (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Altamira Island
Ruler Lezareno Company President Regal Bryant

Altamira, the Seaside Paradise (海の楽園アルタミラ Umi no Rakuen, Arutamira?) is a major Tethe'allan city in Tales of Symphonia. It is a seaside resort popular for housing the Lezareno Company headquarters, a hotel resort, a large beach, a shopping center, and a theme park. The theme park's mascot is the Klonoa.


Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

The group reaches Altamira at the request of Regal Bryant, so he can inform his company of the illegal use of the Toize Valley Mine. At this point, Altamira is experiencing a drop in temperature and has fewer tourists than usual. Regal goes to the President's floor of the Lezareno Company headquarters and exposes the problem of the valley mine. He also orders the destruction of the mine to prevent people from gathering any remaining Exspheres, but just as the President agrees to this plan, an employee arrives and tells the group that the city has been taken by the Vanguard. Regal then imposes a curfew in place and leads the group to the hotel so they can blend in with the rest of the people.

In the hotel, they find Alice, who tells Marta Lualdi to return to her father or Altamira will be destroyed. She states that the city has been rigged with bombs, and the perimeter of the city is being watched so they cannot escape. Alice also informs them that the Vanguard set up shop in the casino, and that Marta has until midnight to decide. Regal leaves to address the state of affairs, and Sheena Fujibayashi also leaves to investigate a weakness in the Vanguard's plan. Emil Castagnier and Marta make their way to the suite. In the suite, Marta states that she only has two options: run away and see Altamira destroyed, or the other option. She then asks Tenebrae to retain Emil for a moment while she leaves the hotel to offer herself to the Vanguard. Although Emil tries to prevent this, Tenebrae interferes.

The city's theme park.

After being ordered by Emil, Tenebrae allows him to go, but Marta has already left the hotel by this point. Emil finds Regal and Sheena, to whom he explains the situation. Regal then explains a plan that will work to save Marta and shows Emil a couple of odd-looking handcuffs. Regal explains that they are actually a control for the casino's power outage. Sheena then realizes that he is going to use his status to present himself as a hostage in order to infiltrate the casino. After that, they can look for a way to disable the bombs and give a chance for the people of Altamira to escape. Afterward, they leave the hotel and reach the casino.

Inside, they are arrested by Alice and Hawk, and they notice an odd-looking necklace around Hawk's neck. The group realizes it is the control for the bombs placed in the city. They are then thrown in the same jail as Marta. Emil patronizes her for her decision and brings her up to speed on the situation. Regal activates the control and shuts down the entire casino. Afterward, they escape the cell and reach Hawk. Tenebrae grabs the control from his neck and eats it, which leaves Hawk unable to control the bombs. Hawk then fights the group. After the battle, Commander Brute Lualdi makes his first appearance in person, delusional because of the power of Solum's core. He admonishes Marta for joining "peasants" fights the group. Brute then attempts to kill Emil with a knife, but Emil pushes Hawk in the way of Brute's knife, causing Hawk to die instead. The group uses this distraction to escape the casino.

Outside, Regal tells Sheena that he will stay so he can buy them a little time. After a brief moment of indecision, Sheena mans the ferry and leaves Regal to fight with Brute. Just before they can escape, they meet with Alice, who is confused as to how Marta escaped. Before she has time to react, she is knocked unconscious by Presea Combatir. Presea has little time to introduce herself to Emil and Marta when Sheena asks her to take them somewhere safe, as she will stay to watch the Vanguard's movements in Altamira, as well as rescue Regal. Presea agrees, and she leaves with Emil and Marta.