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Altessa Model.png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Residences Altessa's House
Race Dwarf
Occupation Blacksmith
Japanese Voice Actor Eiji Takemoto
English Voice Actor Robin Atkin Downes

Altessa (アルテスタ Arutesuta?) is a minor character in Tales of Symphonia. He is a dwarf who lives in a secluded house near Ozette with a mechanical doll, Tabatha, whom he created.


The group searches for Altessa in order to find a Key Crest for Presea Combatir's Exsphere. When they visit his house and ask for him to make them a Key Crest for Presea, he shuns them, refusing to have anything to do with Presea. After Ozette is destroyed, he appears and confesses to the party that he once worked for Cruxis, and he proceeds to inform them everything he knows back at his house. Shortly afterward, he gives Presea a Key Crest for her Exsphere. Later in the story, Altessa is gravely injured by Mithos, but manages to survive. Sheena Fujibayashi claims there is a doctor in Flanoir who could possibly help him, so the group travels to the snowy city and returns with the man. When the party defeats Mithos and returns home, Altessa is seen bidding farewell to Raine Sage and Genis Sage.