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Altessa's House is the home of the dwarf Altessa in Tales of Symphonia.


Altessa's House is located in the world of Tethe'alla and lies just east of Ozette, outside Gaoracchia Forest. The home is embedded in a cliff and consists of various charms and armors found throughout its rooms. The bedroom consists of four beds, which accommodate the protagonists when they visit, and the main room consists of a large dining table adorned with food. Another area of the house serves as Altessa's workshop, which houses several stools, two desks with crafting tools, and a board to hang other crafting trinkets.


Tales of Symphonia[]

The group visits Altessa's House in order to have him create a Key Crest for Presea Combatir's Exsphere. However, when they arrive and ask the favor, Altessa shuns them, refusing to have anything to do with Presea. Later, when the group returns to his house, Altessa, having earlier confessed in Ozette that he once worked for Cruxis, provides Presea with a Key Crest for her Exsphere. Later in the story, Altessa's House serves as the location for Lloyd Irving's revelation of Kratos Aurion being his father—Yuan Ka-Fai having instigated the plot. During this scene, Mithos gravely injures Altessa, whom the group cares for and eventually retrieves a doctor for his sake. At one point in the game, prior to this discovery, a scene takes place just outside the house, in which rocks fall from a nearby cliff and Mithos rescues Tabatha, an automated doll Altessa created, from being crushed.

Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Presea brings Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi to Altessa's House for safety measures in an attempt to hide from the Vanguard, and they are warmly welcomed by Altessa. Shortly afterward, however, Magnar will arrive outside with other Vanguard members. When the group confronts Magnar, he reveals that he is not with the Church of Martel, as he previously claimed, and will fight the group. After his defeat, Magnar is held hostage by Altessa.