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The Alvan Mountains (アルヴァン山脈 Aruvan Sanmyaku?) are a series of peaks separating the northern half of Calegia's western continent from the southern half in Tales of Rebirth.


People once lived at the base of the mountains, and the Calegian army once used the path that carves through the mountains to enact secret operations. The mountains are now only used for military training, as the summit is falling to ruin. During the story, Veigue Lungberg, Mao, and Eugene Gallardo are forced to take this route after the Dark Wings sabotage Etoray Bridge, rendering the path impassable. At the entrance to the mountains, Mao and Eugene explain to Veigue the history of the mountain path and how it has degraded over time.

A flashback then ensues of Veigue's remembering Claire Bennett giving him an early birthday present. He holds the stone, regretting the events that have led him to this point, while Mao and Eugene encourage him to press forward. Using the power of Veigue and Mao's Force, the trio is able to traverse the mountain range, resting at a cabin halfway through. At the end of the path, the group is forced to fight a large Virus before proceeding to the Minal Plains.