Aselia Wiki
Alvanista (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Alvanista
Region Alvanistan Continent

The City of Alvanista (アルヴァニスタの都 Aruvanisuta no Miyako?, "Capital of Alvanista") is the capital of the Kingdom of Alvanista, which spans the Alvanistan continent of Aselia in Tales of Phantasia. The city lies on an island between the Euclidean continent and the Alvanistan continent itself.


The city rests on an island that is connected to the Euclidian continent's southern tip and Alvanista's southwest end via bridges. The island is backed by a large mountain. The city itself is a large place built of stone, with entrances to the south, west, and east, with the castle to the north. The center has a direct path to the castle, while shops and homes fill the space to the left and right. Trees appear sporadically, and the Alvanista Harbor lies to the west. The city does not change much throughout the ages. The shops remain in the same places in both the past and future, retaining the same names. There is even a Mach Lad in both generations to run races throughout the city. Alvanista runs a magic laboratory in its castle, where elves and half-elves do research on magic and Spirits. It also has a small library with books on various topics, as well as a master of Ishitori. There are also two dueling Minstrels who argue over which music is appropriate for the castle: an old-school slow score or a faster new school one. Alvanista also has a prison.

Places of Interest

  • Alvanista Inn
  • Alvanista Harbor
  • "Pig-Out" (食べすぎ Tabesugi?) Grocery
  • "Lime" Weapon/Armor Shop
  • "Calendar" Tool Shop
  • "Poison Lily" (どくだみ Dokudami?) Apothecary
  • "The Panicking Adventurer" Guild (冒険者ギルド『パニック』 Boukensha Girudo "Panikku"?, "Adventurer Guild 'Panic'")
  • Nancy and Elwin's home (past)
  • Alvanista Castle
    • Library
    • Ishitori Master
    • Magical Research Lab
    • Dungeon


In the past timeline of Tales of Phantasia, Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Claus F. Lester, and Arche Klein make their way to Alvanista in order to go to the Morlia Mineshaft, which holds one of the pact rings they need. Along the way, they discover that Alvanista's Prince Laird is being held under the control of Dhaos, which is why Alvanista stays its hand while its ally, Midgards, fights Dhaos alone. Once in Alvanista, the party sneaks into the castle using Arche's broom, where they confront and defeat Jahmir. Unfortunately, they are mistaken for burglars and detained by the military, but upon hearing the reasons for their actions, the King lets them free. The Court Magic User Lundgrom gives Claus a magic tome, Cress the spear Gungnir, as well as a pass to do what they wish in the Morlia Mineshaft. Once they find the broken pact rings in the Mineshaft, Lundgrom directs them to Edward D. Morrison, and he also gives them a pass to enter the Elf Colony.

The couple Nancy and Elwin, whom the party help discover their love, eventually elope due to Elwin's father Douglas's disapproval; they flee to Alvanista and have a home together. Cress and the party tell Douglas where they are, however, and he confronts them at their home. Douglas reveals that he is opposed to their match because he wants the best life possible for his son, but he realizes that his opposition to his son's happiness may have earned him his deceased wife's ire. Elwin tells his father that his mother would never hate him, and after thinking it over, Douglas invites both Elwin and Nancy back to help with his company.

In the future, Alvanista is the front-line against Dhaos, as Midgards has been destroyed. Harrison draws the group from the present in order to combat Dhaos, but with his dominion over the seas, it requires the Techbirds to fly from Euclid to Alvanista. Once there, the King asks that they combine the Three Weapons from the ancient civilizations in order to defeat Dhaos. Knowing his terrible power, the party agrees. Hundreds of years past that, during the events of Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage, the summoner Fulein K. Lester and his ally Macaron leave Thor in search of more pact rings and head to Alvanista, only to find it being attacked by goblins. Fulein defends the city, only to find out that Euclid is in the same situation, so he ventures there.