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Alvin Artwork (ToM-ToC)
Game Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons
Age 18
Height 175 cm
Weight 60 kg
Race Human
Weapon One-handed Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Takayuki Okada
Character Designer Yuu Shiina
This article is about the character from Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons. For the character from Tales of Xillia who shares the same name, see Alvin (Tales of Xillia).

Alvin (アルヴィン Aruvin?) is the main hero from Tales of Mobile: Tales of Commons. He is a bright and curious 18-year-old man from the country of Jupiter (ユピテル Yupiteru?) who likes to travel around in the city. On the way to visit his sick mother, a strange thing happens to him, and he meets Sefina, which is the start of his adventure.


Alvin Portrait (ToM-ToC).jpg
Alvin Skit (ToM-ToC).png
Alvin Sprite (ToM-ToC).png

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