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Amelia Campbell
Amelia Campbell (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age Deceased
Height 158 cm
Race Orerines
Japanese Voice Actor Machiko Toyoshima
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Amelia Campbell (アメリア・キャンベル Ameria Kyanberu?) is a minor character in Tales of Legendia and the deceased wife of Will Raynard.


Amelia is a noble woman from the Mainland who was born with a serious illness. She fell in love with Will, but her father was against their relationship. When she was eighteen, she asked Will to take her to the Legacy to escape from her parents. On the Legacy, she developed a love for an area where the flowers bloomed. After living on the Legacy for a year, she became pregnant with their daughter, Harriet Campbell.

After having Harriet, Amelia was forced to return home afterward, and her husband was banished to the Legacy, never to return to the Mainland. During the next nine years, she lived with Harriet by herself, and while Harriet made hateful comments toward her father, Amelia often spoke good of him. Sometime before the events of the story, Amelia passed away due to her illness.

Although Amelia does not appear during the story, she does appear in certain flashbacks during Will's Character Quest. Most of these flashbacks show Will and her at the flower field discussing the baby and what they would do in the future. Amelia and Will are also revealed to be the ones who named a special type of flower that grows on the Legacy.