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Amethyst Von
Amethyst Von.jpg
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Hometown Lion Park
Race Organican
Occupation Champion of the Arena
Weapon Whip
Japanese Voice Actor Takahiro Mizushima
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Amethyst Von (アーメス・ウォン Amesu Uon?, "Ameth Von") is a supporting character in Tales of Hearts. He is the champion of the arena in Lion Park.

Appearance and Personality

Amethyst is an extravagantly-dressed man with amber eyes and long, green hair. He dons a purple and gold uniform and wields a long, red whip as a weapon in battle. He is charming to beautiful women and well-loved by the people of Lion Park due to his helpfulness among its citizens.

Similarly to characters like Hasta Ekstermi from Tales of Innocence and Yeager from Tales of Vesperia, Amethyst tends to slip English into his typically Japanese speech. This is most prevalent in the way he refers to the party, calling them "ユーたち", which means "you guys", with the "you" being in perfect English.

Fighting Style

In battle, Amethyst fights with his whip in a quick and combo-oriented style. Aside from this, he can also use explosives, which he tosses around.


  • Amethyst derives from the mineral of the same name.
  • The "Rose" attachment can be obtained by picking up the flower that Amethyst throws on the ground before he leaves the arena.