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Ancient Ispanian (古代イスパニア語 Kodai Isupania-go?) is an old language in Tales of the Abyss from which the modern Fonic Language transpired. It is still sometimes used in official settings, such as within the Order of Lorelei, and is also applied modernly in naming people. Despite the word Ispanian (or Hispanian) being synonymous with Spanish, this language has nothing to do with Spanish. Asch, for example, is Ash in German, while Florian is a Latin name that means "flower". Luke is Greek and translates to "Light", while Eldrant and Vandesdelca are not words in any language on which Ispanian could be based.


  • Asch - "charred remnants of the sacred flame"
  • Eldrant - "glorious land"
  • Florian - "innocent one"
  • Luke - "light of the sacred flame"
  • Vandesdelca - "one who would seize glory"