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Angel skit image in Tales of Fandom Vol.2.

Angels (天使 Tenshi?) are a race of elite members of Cruxis in Tales of Symphonia. Although not a race in the typical sense, angels are individuals amplified through a device known as a Cruxis Crystal, itself an evolved form of an Exsphere.


In reality, there is nothing "holy" or "sacred" about this "race" of beings, all of whom were not innately born this way. However, the wings granted upon evolving into this form has dispersed this mindset, going so far as to allow angels to serve as "gods" with the backing of the Church of Martel. The Cruxis Crystal amplification technique, which was developed during the Kharlan War, allows the user to gain full control of their senses, as well as manipulate their biological clock, sometimes to extreme extents, such as Mithos Yggdrasill's ability to alter back and forth between child and adult.

In addition, the user is granted with an increase in strength, as well as colorful wings that allow flight, though doing so can be difficult initially. Nearly all angels present in the game are members of Cruxis, specifically of a higher branch within the order. Their homeland is Derris-Kharlan, yielding Cruxis's main base, Welgaia, a "holy city" populated entirely by angels and filled with technology far greater than that of Sylvarant or Tethe'alla. The angels are governed by the Four Seraphim, the leaders of Cruxis. This quartet consists of Mithos, a half-elf and the leader of Cruxis; Kratos Aurion, a human; Yuan Ka-Fai, a half-elf; and Martel Yggdrasill, Mithos's half-elven sister, who is actually deceased and is never confirmed to be an angel.

With angels being capable of living thousands of years, far exceeding that of elves, their power and authority sets a tone for Cruxis's role in the game's plot, with the greatest antagonists being angels, as well as historical figures or heroes. At the end of the story, following Mithos's death, Kratos takes power of Cruxis and departs on Derris-Kharlan with the remainder of Cruxis's angels.

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