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Judgment (ToS)

Judgment, a powerful Angel Skill, as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Angel Skills (天使術 Tenshijutsu?, "Angelic Magic") are artes used by angels in Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. They are Light-related attacks that invoke religious symbolism, from which the angels themselves are derived. All angel artes that are spells have a unique casting appearance that differentiate them from normal spells. They involve the caster being surrounded by feathers rather than the typical magic circle. The feather motif carries on in the artes themselves, as they make an appearance in some form during the arte.

Arte Types[]

Strike Artes[]

  • Judgment Ray: Surrounds self with beams of light that damage the enemy. This arte is only used by the angel Remiel.
  • Death Eater: Punches the ground to call beams of light to strike the enemy. This arte is only used by Yggdrasill.
  • Retribution: Uses holy power to inflict status ailments on all enemies. This arte is only used by Mithos.

Magic Artes[]

  • Angel Feather: Throws rings of light at the enemy.
  • Holy Song: Summons a holy crest that increases attack and defense of all allies for a time while healing a small amount.
  • Sacrifice: Sacrifices self to resurrect all fallen allies.
  • Grand Cross: Creates a cross of light beneath a foe.
  • Judgment: Calls columns of light down across the battlefield.

Mystic Artes[]

  • Holy Judgment: Calls columns of light down across the battlefield while summoning a holy crest to increase the attack and defense of all allies, as well as heal them a small amount.
  • Holy Binds: Rises above a crest of light with angel wings to damage all enemies.
  • Divine Judgment: Rains down light within a defined area to damage enemies.

Compound Special Attacks[]

  • Gospel: Attacks the enemy with numerous crosses of light.