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Angel Toxicosis (天使疾患 Tenshi Shikkan?, "Angel Illness") is Raine Sage's name for the trial Colette Brunel undergoes in order to become an angel. The process is very painful, and its symptoms worsen with each seal unlocked. The negative effects of the toxicosis last until the first time the party returns to the Fooji Mountains, although Colette still has extremely sharp senses and can use her Angel Skills.


For each seal unlocked, Colette gains improved senses, making her able to properly hear the slightest sound and see very far away. Her ability to taste and feel, however, disappear, making her unable to taste what she eats or feel pain. When she unlocks the Seal of Fire, she stops feeling hungry and only eats small amounts to satisfy the worries of her friends. She mentions to Lloyd Irving that she is unable to keep down any of the food she forces herself to eat. After the second seal, Colette loses her need for sleep.

When Lloyd notices, she lies and tells him she will sleep later. After releasing the third seal, Colette loses her ability to feel, and as a result, she can no longer tell the difference between hot and cold or feel pain. Lloyd finally discovers Colette's condition after testing her ability to feel by lying about the temperature of a cup of coffee he gives her. However, Colette tells Lloyd not to let anyone know about this. At the fourth seal, Colette loses her ability to speak. Despite this, for nearly every seal Colette unlocks, she obtains a new Angel Skill, powerful Light magic spells.