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The Angelus Project (エンジェルス計画 Enjerusu Keikaku?, "Angels Planning") was a plan commissioned by Cruxis to explore the breeding of Cruxis Crystals in Tales of Symphonia.


Years prior to the events of the story, Mithos Yggdrasill, the leader of Cruxis, entrusted the leadership of the project to the Desian Grand Cardinal Kvar, who hoped to become the leader of the Grand Cardinals through the project's success, as Kvar accused Pronyma of having illegally accepted the position. In addition to Kvar, however, Rodyle likewise works on his own Angelus Project, albeit a modified plan conducted without the consent and knowledge of Cruxis.

Kvar's plan sought to create an Exsphere that would continue to evolve after its removal from the host, so that at the end of its development, it would reach the state of a Cruxis Crystal. The only known success of this was Anna Irving, whose project name was A012. Anna was able to escape the experiment with the help of Kratos Aurion, but she was caught and murdered years later. The Exsphere she carried was given to her and Kratos's son, Lloyd Irving.

Rodyle's plan was slightly different from Kvar's, and its effects still linger during the events of the story. Rodyle had been stealing Kvar's data over time, and he obtained the remainder of it after Kvar's death in his Human Ranch. Rodyle modified the project so that the Exsphere would not evolve after being removed from the host, but would instead transform via the "natural" death of the host. Rodyle's experiment involved Presea Combatir, who had perfect biological data to become a successful host for his Angelus Project, which he began decades ago, stunting Presea's natural growth and voiding her of personality.

The experiments were carried out by Kate, a half-elf in Sybak, and Altessa, one of the few remaining dwarves in the world. Both were commissioned by Rodyle. Due to her biological similarity, Rodyle was also able to user Presea's younger sister, Alicia Combatir, via the Exsphere broker Vharley. Alicia's experiment went awry, however: instead of successfully losing her emotions and increasing her physical strength, she mutated into a monster and was forced to be killed by her lover, Regal Bryant.