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Anikamal (ToR).jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

Anikamal, the Village of Spring (泉の集落アニカマル Izumi no Shuuraku Anikamaru?) is a desert town positioned in the corner of the Kurodadaku Desert on Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It derives its name from a particular tree that grows in the region.



Several decades prior to the events of the story, a nearby town known as Karez was located just north of Anikamal. At some point, the people of Karez were stricken with an extremely disease known as "Death Garo Fever". A number of people fled to Anikamal in order to escape the disease, and the people of Anikamal, with no knowledge of the disease, diligently cared for those who fell ill after reaching the village. The following day, the victims left, leaving the disease to ravage the town, where only few managed to survive. The circumstances of the event are shrouded in mystery, but the event led to the end of Karez and the severe hostility of Anikamal.

Role in the Plot

The group first travels to Anikamal in search of a doctor for Annie Barrs. Unable to find help through the village's residents, they come across a tent at the edge of town, where the adventurer Frantz explains that there are no doctors in the village. He offers to look at Annie himself, however, as he feels that being an adventurer has allowed him to learn a few things about medicine. At the local inn, Frantz observes Annie and tells the group that he believes she has Death Garo Fever, which is practically incurable. He also explains that it was this disease that killed nearly all of the people in Karez. Seeing as how the group passed through Karez, the diagnosis seems logical to them, but before Frantz can suggest anything, the innkeeper forces the group to leave because of Annie's illness. Back at Frantz's tent, Frantz explains how the people of Karez developed the disease and brought it to Anikamal, where the villagers knew nothing of the disease and cared for the infected in ignorance.

Frantz then informs the group that there is an illusionary Virus, one of the Seven Great Illusions, known as the "Live Garo", whose horn can be grounded into a power that cures any illness. It is believed that the people who brought the disease to Anikamal went in search of the horn but never returned, leaving the people of Anikamal to believe that the people of Karez brought them the disease and then left them to die. The group resolves to venture to the nearby Oasis and find the Live Garo, having Frantz watch over Annie at the Oasis while they look. The group manages to find the horn, and Frantz is able to concoct the medicine back at Anikamal's inn after persuading the villagers.