An animated cutscene is a full-motion video used in the Tales series since the PlayStation release of Tales of Destiny. Animated cutscenes have appeared in every Mothership Title and certain Escort Titles since.


Animated cutscenes were first used in Tales of Destiny, but due to the amount of space on a PlayStation disc, only about three to six were able to be put into the game. Moving to higher generation consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii, the amount of cutscenes greatly increased. There are two types of animated cutscenes in the series, the first being the typical animated cutscenes used for opening sequences and occasional, emotional situations. These cutscenes are usually actual animation sequences, but on certain occasions, they are merely pictures with sound effects in the background. The second type of animated cutscenes are the pre-rendered 3D computer graphics, such as when the Tower of Salvation is destroyed in Tales of Symphonia.